Alibi V.26 No.37 • Sept 14-20, 2017 

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Best of Burque Restaurants Voting is Closing Soon!

Let us know your favorite eats in the 505 before Sept. 20

Albuquerque’s restaurant scene is thriving, but that scene doesn’t grow and change without input from you, the diners. Which is why we have the Best of Burque Restaurants reader poll each year, so you can cast your votes for the best cocktail bar, the best pizza place, and the best green chile to be found in the city. This is the kind of thing that restaurants will print out and proudly display in their windows for years to come, so, y’know, don’t take it lightly.

Well, that poll is coming to an end soon—on Wednesday, Sept. 20, to be exact. Which means that you have a closing window of opportunity to let everyone know what you think about the food in the 505.

After you get home from work tonight, how about instead of scrolling through your ex’s Instagram feed while you eat takeout for the nth time this week, you take a few minutes to cast your votes? That’d be cool of you. And a lot healthier for you, if we’re being honest. You gotta move on, dude.

Cast your votes here. C'mon, you know you want to.