V.28 No.30 | 7/25/2019

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Sporting Chance

THC in pro athletics

Days after retiring from pro football, former Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long revealed that he’d regularly used cannabis over the course of his athletic career.

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Dominant Language

The real indica and sativa

I’d always assumed there was a database somewhere that traced each strain back to its original home or something. Apparently not. The reality is that when we refer to strains as “indica” or “sativa,” those labels have a lot more to do with marketing than they do with genetic lineage.
Cannabis NM Staffing

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Working in Cannabis

A primer on industry employment

One of the most common questions we are asked about the New Mexico Cannabis Program is how one goes about getting a job in the field, so we talked with the founder and owner of Cannabis NM Staffing, Shanon Jaramillo, about opportunities and requirements in the growing market of cannabis employment.
colorful bud

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Rainbow Greens

The colors of marijuana

At this point, marijuana is inexorably connected to the color green. But in reality, cannabis flower comes in a rainbow of colors. Red, white, orange, purple, black—these hues don’t merely make for prettier buds. They can also indicate the phytochemical makeup of a strain and might even imply associated health benefits.
Diesel Dough

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Summer Fruit

Here are some of our favorite strains that can help you survive the heat.

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Go Easy

FDA regulation of CBD inches forward

A majority of Americans want cannabidiol aka CBD made available as an over-the-counter drug but authorities say that their enthusiasm to rush approval through could be misplaced.
death weed

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Cannabis Still Won’t Kill You

Sensationalist stories fizzle

The Drug Enforcement Agency continues to maintain that there have been no reported instances of cannabis-caused deaths.
stoner movies

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Stoner Cinema

Stoners have been enjoying cinema tailored specifically to their needs and interests for decades. There’s no time like summer to enjoy a marijuana movie marathon, so lock yourself in, get some popcorn jumping, load a fat bowl and check out our favorite reefer flicks.
Kale Beck

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Touch of Glass

An interview with Kale Beck

Pipes, bongs, chillums—smokers love glass. It’s collectible, nice to look at and useful besides. Weekly Alibi spoke with glassblower Kale Beck about his unique job.
Chris S Duvall

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History, Repeated

An interview with Chris S. Duvall

UNM Professor Chris S. Duvall's book The African Roots of Marijuana dives into some of the least understood, most uncomfortable aspects of the plant’s history. We spoke with him about the gaps in our understanding of cannabis history and the ways that well-meaning idealism can lead to misrepresentation of reality.
in glass

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Study finds more health benefits in THC

If you want to hear some honest-to-goodness, red-faced, Bible-thumping proselytizing, visit the next cannabis event you come across and tell someone you’ve never heard of CBD.
V.28 No.16 | 4/18/2019
illustration by Corey Yazzie

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The Best and Worst of Times

Nowhere to go but up

We're experiencing a time of high weirdness in America, and the best plan is probably just to duck and cover until that madness passes. In the mean time, let's get educated about this wonderful plant we love so much.
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NM Legislative Session

Cannabis in the Roundhouse

During this year's 60-day legislative session, we saw a fair number of cannabis-related bills being considered by the state's lawmakers. A number of good bills were shot down, but plenty of important ones were passed.
testing the limits

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Testing the Limits

Employers consider dropping the test

If you've applied for a job in the last 20 years, you've probably had the pleasure of peeing into a cup and delivering the warm receptacle to a friendly person in a lab coat. It never makes for a fun morning.
money plant

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Money Troubles

Banking on marijuana

After years of growth, the medical and recreational cannabis markets have become a major economic force in our nation, but these business owners still face the problem of finding a bank that will take their money.