V.27 No.1 | 1/4/2018
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

New Patients, New Year

Cannabis legalization bill introduced in N.M. again, US Border Patrol threatens people in states where it's legal and a recent study shows that more women are turning to cannabis to deal with the discomforts of pregnancy.
V.26 No.52 | 12/28/2017
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

The Second Annual Baked Goods Award Ceremony

The year’s best dispensaries and strains

Here are the dispensaries and strains that most impressed in 2017.
V.26 No.51 | 12/21/2017
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Lost in Los Lunas

The search for Natural Rx

Overflookies is a letdown, but Super Sour Fire OG uplifts and improves Joshua Lee's mood by bounds, while relaxing back and leg muscles.
V.26 No.50 | 12/14/2017
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Hemp Gains Popularity … Everywhere Else

N.M. declines to join at least 30 states in the booming hemp industry, heavy cannabis use is linked to vomiting illness and the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment is extended yet again.
V.26 No.49 | 12/7/2017
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Baked Goods

Sessions Makes Waves, Again

(But not really)

Sessions mentions "rational policy" which could mean anything and a study says cannabis might reduce opioid use.
V.26 No.48 | 11/30/2017
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Baked Goods

Cozy and Comforted

Minerva mitigates more than ever

Rini Grammer tries Mother's Milk to combat the darkness of winter.
V.26 No.47 | 11/23/2017
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Baked Goods

Cannabis Still Won't Kill You

A sensational story fizzles

I'd just spent six hours at a car dealership trying to look savvy when I read the news that a pair of Colorado doctors had witnessed the first case of fatal cannabis overdose.
V.26 No.46 | 11/16/2017
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Baked Goods

One More Try

Advisory board once again backing opioid addiction as qualifying condition

Medical Cannabis Advisory Board, armed with research, votes unanimously to recommend opioid use disorder be added to conditions qualifying for medical cannabis; Canada prepares to make money; FDA research blocked by "other regulatory agencies."
V.26 No.45 | 11/9/2017
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Baked Goods

The Nose Knew

Urban Wellness smells (good)

There have been over 100 terpenes found in cannabis, and the extent to which plant terpenes in general have been studied means a fuller knowledge of these compounds than cannabinoids (which have obviously not been studied so deeply). A patient armed with knowledge of these stinky bastards will be better equipped to treat their specific ailments. Finding the right strain for you can be a hit-and-miss journey otherwise.
V.26 No.44 | 11/2/2017
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Math and the Attorney General

Even Sessions doesn't know what his plan is

With 51 percent of Republicans (and 64 percent of Americans) reporting as being in favor of legalizing cannabis, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in the awkward position of discovering that everything he believes is wrong.
V.26 No.43 | 10/26/2017
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Baked Goods

Can't Be Down

CBD Oil Turns Nervous Nellies into Relaxed Rinis

Rini Grammer treats anxiety with oil of CBD: a healthy, relaxing and non-inebriating alternative to THC.
V.26 No.42 | 10/19/2017
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Rob M.

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Growing Market

N.M. cannabis patients increase even more (mostly treating PTSD and chronic pain), CBD regulation tangle trips Target, Congressman recommends cannabis legalization to fight opioid epidemic and for Congress to remove restrictions on research.
V.26 No.41 | 10/12/2017
Deez OG
J. Grisham

Baked Goods

C is for Cookie

That’s good enough for Mother Earth Herbs

Deez OG brings on a sense of euphoria and well-being, and Cookies N Chem looks to be perfect for those suffering from anxiety or general muscle tension.
V.26 No.40 | 10/5/2017
baked goods

Baked Goods

Fall Sessions Watch

DoJ to review Cole Memo, but Rohrabacher-Farr extended. DEA head resigns.
V.26 No.39 | 9/28/2017
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Rob M

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Tears over the Year

Card renewal instigates real reflections

Rimni Grammer sets out to find the most cost effective place to renew her medical cannabis license.