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V.20 No.8 | 2/24/2011
Fatima Tannagda
Sam Adams


Roads Less Traveled

Shops near Yale falter, but construction marches on

Things just went from bad to worse for small business owners in the area of the city's $26.5 million Lead and Coal renovation. On Monday, Feb. 21, the city blocked off Yale between Lead and Avenida César Chávez to rehab a storm drain system.

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Alibi Flickr Photo of the Day

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9/50 Road Closed

V.19 No.51 | 12/23/2010
Sam Adams


All Torn Up About Lead and Coal

Business owners are shocked by the roadwork, but the city says they should have seen it coming

No one was prepared for this renovation. That’s the prevailing response from business owners on Lead who, for the next 18-months, will watch 35 blocks in their neighborhood undergo extensive construction. But city representatives are quick to say that they have been communicating with residents and businesses about the road rehab—for more than 20 years.

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Lead and Coal are going down for 18 months

One-way arteries in the university area and Nob Hill will be under construction for the next year and a half. The city's doing it for better drainage, wider sidewalks and landscaping that will impart a "more parkway feel."

Bike lanes will be preserved, says Mark Motsko, spokesperson for the Municipal Development Department. The project will extend from I-25 to Washington along Lead and Coal.

Work and closures begin at the end of October and are scheduled to be completed in the Spring of 2012. It will happen in phases. First, Coal will be shut down, and Lead will become a two-way street, says Motsko. Then, vice versa. In the meantime, cyclists will be diverted to Silver, the bike boulevard.

Mayor Richard Berry urges citizens to go to the open house and meeting today about the construction. It will be at Immanuel Presbyterian Church (114 Carlisle SE). The open house is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. City staff will give a presentation at 6 p.m.

V.19 No.33 | 8/19/2010

Council Bite

City Breaks for Builders

There was both finger-pointing and back-patting at the Monday, Aug. 16 City Council meeting.

During the often-colorful public comment section, a Catholic priest challenged Councilor Rey Garduño to explain why he spoke at an abortion rights rally [ “Protesters Stand Against Anti-Abortion Group,” Aug. 5-11, 2010]. Garduño declined to be engaged by the mad-dogging man of the cloth. The priest said Albuquerque was becoming “the abortion capital of the nation.” This comment and another about former state Sen. Manny Aragon being “the most successful state senator in New Mexico history” made for a couple of lively moments in an otherwise lackluster meeting.

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Serenata Radio - Crane. Safe. Tank.

Serenata Radio - Crane. Safe. Tank.

I made a fake crane by fastening a rusty hook to a baseball bat. Then I visited a construction job site and asked the workers how things were going with their industrial crane meanwhile pointing to my home-made crane, gesturing confidently, as if my crappy home-made crane was legitimate like their powerful construction crane.

Why ?

Because our dreams are just as significant as any. My crane symbolizes our dreams, delusions & abilities. Their Crane symbolizes the Powerful People and Forces in our WORLD.

Similarly, The safe motif conveys a social critique of placing trust in corrupt financial institutions & the tank metaphor is a Plea for Peace, an indictment on WAR and the State capitalizing on chaos & Violence.

The overall intent of the video was to mock the war profiteers, the captains of industry and to simultaneously empower the little dreamers

This Crane. That Safe. Their Tank

This crane is beyond belief
it picks up these pieces and
Places them Out of Reach
Now are Cranes they'Re not the Same
this doesnt mean that Mine is Lame
Yours' Creeks

That Safe is TEETERING
from 10 stories Higher and due to a Fire and Heat
the Safe is speeding thru the air
Before it Harms a Human Springs....

why are they following me, I can not lead
why are they firing at me, cuz of all of these things, yes all of these things

Their Tank
Rolls on Chattering Teeth
instead of some tires with millions of wires, theyRe mean
Inside the tank they fight for Air
Meanwhile outside the fights not fair
it's a bad machine...


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