V.17 No.34 | 8/21/2008
Thanks for the Yeti, O’Leary

Cryptid Alert! It Was A Hoax!

Don’t look so surprised.

First things first. Check out the awesome yeti toy O’Leary brought me from Hong Kong.

Now down to business. The frozen Bigfoot (aka the Georgia Gorilla, aka the Rickmat Creature) turned out to be a frozen ape costume. What became of the Southern Gentlemen who found him? They skipped out in the middle of the night with a big bag of money.

This whole idea might have sounded funny when they were completely stoned, but to actually go through with it? The perfect crime!

V.17 No.33 | 8/14/2008

Cryptid Alert! Bigfoot Body Press Conference!

As promised, the two Southern Gentlemen who found the bigfoot body held their press conference today. CNN has coverage online but nobody has the plug in to watch it, so here it is on YouTube.

Cryptid Alert! Bigfoot Body!

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, but it’s coming to a boil. A couple of dudes found a dead bigfoot in Georgia and have it on ice. I thought they weren’t going to let anyone see it until September, but I guess they were too excited to wait. Photographs and DNA evidence will be unveiled this Friday at noon by the guys who found the body and yeti mogul Tom Biscardi.

Loren “Can-You-Spare-A-Yeti” Coleman reports this breaking news on his Cryptomundo site and seems oddly convinced that it may be legit. I hope this one turns out better than the alien video that was getting hyped earlier this summer. Or that whole “Al Capone’s Vault” thing. Or “Ghost Hunters.” Or “The Jetsons.”

V.17 No.28 | 7/10/2008
The Montauk Monster

Cryptid Alert!

Monster and Elf Update

This photo of an elf-like creature was taken near Lake Tahoe. I think I need my glasses fixed. I can’t seem to focus my eyes...

Meanwhile, the Yeti has been making appearances in Alabama, Ontario and Pennsylvania while samples of Yeti hair found in India continue to defy explanation.

I’ve also been dying to write about the so-called Montauk Monster, but I’ve been waiting for the punchline... I think is right: it’s got to be viral marketing for the new Cartoon Network show Cryptids Are Real.

Stay tuned for cryptid updates as they unfold.

V.17 No.20 | 5/15/2008

Cryptid Alert! KRQE Bigfoot Story

KRQE’s Annie McCormick ran a story on last night’s news about a hunt for a yeti near Farmington. Famed yeti hunter Tom Biscardi was camping in the area said to be haunted by an elusive sand-yeti who lives and eats indian corn in nearby caves. Alibi’s own skeptic Ben Radford chimed in to dismiss the man-beast with a snort and a waving of his many-jointed hand. Radford is also rumored not to believe in Santa Claus because of the seeming impossibility of his visiting millions of houses in one night.

McCormick also did a story on the Kimo’s ghost. Awesome.

Cryptid Alert! Skunk Ape Captured On Film!

See much better footage here.

V.17 No.11 | 3/13/2008

Cryptid Alert! Vampire Lady!

In the town of Jalan Pulau Gadong, Malacca (Malaysia), cellphone footage has finally captured their local vampire lady, Pontianak. Her approach to vampirism is simple but effective: she floats in the air weeping, then when somebody asks her what’s wrong she turns into a scary vampire and vanishes. You can see her here (kind of) floating in the air and weeping. The evidence is not entirely compelling, true, but… it’s a little creepy.

Cryptid Alert! Gnome!

In Argentina

The pointy hat is what makes it extra scary! Here’s a gnome who’s either crapped his pants or is just walking sideways to make himself more terrifying. Where do gnomes get their clothes anyway? Maybe there’s a store off in the woods where they can trade kidnapped babies for pointy hats… or maybe they make them with magic.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d scream, too, if I saw a gnome. Of course, I scream if somebody touches my arm or walks into my office, like I’m constantly in the process of convincing myself I’m the only person left in the world and I’m all alone... then, fuck. A gnome. Yeah, I’d scream.

Cryptid Alert! Leprechaun!

In Mobile, Alabama

I’m speechless.

V.17 No.10 | 3/6/2008

Cryptid Alert! New Bigfootage.

Finally, we get some good yeti footage from a somewhat reliable source. Fred Eichler, the host of a TV bowhunting show, caught this remarkable footage when… something… triggered one of his stealth cameras. He was hunting for bears, not yetis...

Anyway, Tom Nayder was not impressed with the nine frame glimpse Eichler got, but I think it’s downright creepy. If it’s a hoax, that’s how to do it: short and creepy without a bunch of whispering (”What is that thing?!”) or weird excuses for why you just happened to have a video camera running.

V.17 No.7 | 2/14/2008

Cryptid Film Alert!

Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie is one of the films getting a big buzz at this year’s SXSW Film Festival. You can pretty much tell from the trailer that it’s not so much about bigfoot as the crazy down-on-their-luck coots who see capturing bigfoot as their best shot at the American Dream. That sort of puts your hopes of becoming a folk singer in perspective, doesn’t it?

V.17 No.0 | 12/27/2007
One of the fake yeti scalps

Cryptid Alert! Is A Stuffed Yeti In A Russian Museum?

Also, the Minnesota Iceman and So On.

A little over a year ago, a caller on the Coast To Coast radio show claimed to have seen a stuffed Bigfoot in a museum in St. Petersburg that was supposedly collected from California in the 1700s. Loren Coleman has more detail about Russian settlements in California on Cryptomundo.

That would be cool.

The Minnesota Iceman, a popular carnival attraction in the late 60s, is out there somewhere, too, possibly in the possession of its (maybe) owner, Frank Hansen. Hansen supposedly had the real iceman, but made a replica to take around to carnivals so he wouldn’t risk wrecking the real one. That sounds perfectly reasonable.

There are also supposed to be some yeti scalps on display in Nepal, but one is missing and another was shown to be constructed from antelope hide. There are also supposedly mummified hands and various hides and bones that have been debunked.

In conclusion, the yeti is awesome.

The End

V.16 No.47 | 11/22/2007
Ben Radford

Cryptid Alert! Yeti Print Continues To Spark Debate

Also, Property Taxes are Due December 10

Alibi’s own Ben Radford weighs in his opinion about the new yeti footprint on Noted cryptozoologist Loren Coleman (yes, Jessica, the Loren Coleman) takes issue with Ben’s assessment on Surely, it will come to blows soon.

In other news, property taxes must be postmarked by Monday December 10 in order to avoid an arcane and seemingly endless series of penalties.

Cryptid Alert! More On The Recent Yeti Footprints

Plus, the BFRO moves on to California

My favorite thing about this clip is how they make it sound like “Now we know the Yeti definitely exists!” And, of course, we don’t, but it’s fun to get carried away in the groundless enthusiasm.

Also, Matt Moneymaker and the BFRO are in California now. There’s sort of a funny bit in the article where Moneymaker is howling to the yetis from a hilltop and hears a knocking response in the distance... Then on the radios:

“Did you make that knocking noise?”

“Yes. Did you hear that howling noise?”

“Yes. That was me, dammit.”

There’s still absolutely no word on whether or not the BFRO found a yeti in New Mexico when they were here last August. I guess we can assume they didn’t find one or we would have heard about it.

V.16 No.42 | 10/18/2007
Jack Kirby with  his Grandfather’s Ringdocus

Cryptid Alert! Stuffed Ringdocus Returns to Montana.

Taxidermic Specimen of Wolf-like Cryptid Reclaimed

100 years ago, a Montana settler shot and killed the ringdocus then traded its body to a taxidermist for a cow. The stuffed creature went missing for years but has now resurfaced, to the delight of monster fans everywhere. What will modern science have to say about the ringdocus?