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The Daily Word in Mitt wins Florida, Colbert raises more than Palin and New Mexico's newest gang

The Daily Word

Mitt Romney won Florida's Republican primary last night. Newt Gingrich isn't giving up (yet).

Chicago's draconian eavesdropping law poses problems for protestors and journalists at the upcoming G-8 summit.

Traffic crackdown in Rio Rancho.

New Mexico has a new prison gang with a lame name.

In response to an invasive abortion law, a Virginia state senator proposed an amendment requiring men seeking erectile dysfunction drugs to receive a rectal exam and stress tests.

Meet the monkey refugees of Louisiana.

Louis CK sold a sitcom to CBS.

Netflix won't be renting games after all.

DC Comics unveils its long-rumored line of Watchmen prequel comics. I wonder what Watchman co-creator Alan Moore thinks about it? "As far as I know … there weren't that many prequels or sequels to Moby Dick."

What does an artist with Alzheimer's paint?

Stephen Colbert's fake Super PAC raised more money than Sarah Palin's Super PAC.

Everything is cool guys, that red river in Texas was just polluted with pig blood.


Where did the Frito pie really come from?

Every overhead hand shot from Wes Anderson films.

Check out this recently discovered test footage from a proposed 1936 John Carter of Mars animated movie.

When I'm President this fake Breaking Bad RPG will be real.

Of these three trailers for returning HBO shows, I am excited about them in this order: Game of Thrones, Eastbound And Down and True Blood.

Completely mesmerized by this video.

Happy Birthday Garrett Morris!!!

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The Daily Word in freed hikers, geniuses and suicide by rollercoaster

The Daily Word

Two years after accidentally hiking into Iran, Josh Fattal and Shan Bauer have been freed.

Is Troy Davis's scheduled execution America's worst miscarriages of justice?

Masked gunmen dump 35 dead bodies in the middle of a busy Boca Del Rio street.

Gary Johnson gets a spot in tomorrow's presidential debate.

Federal prosecutors call online poker site a global Ponzi scheme.

Republican leaders sent a letter to the Federal Reserve Chairman asking him to “resist further extraordinary intervention in the U.S. economy.”

A mother abducted her eight children in New York.

Personnel board votes to lay-off 27 state workers.

New questions in the deadly Reno air show crash.

Once again, I was not named a MacArthur Genius.

Here's a video flyover of the asteroid Vesta.

Facebook changed again last night.

Nobody wants a ginger baby.

Steven Colbert really really wants to broaden the tax base.

Most epic post-car accident interview ever.

This roller coaster is the future of suicide.

23 rejected covers of famous books.

I know you're lazy, but are you lazy enough for Forever Lazy?

I think this may be exciting news for fans of Magic: The Gathering.

If you're interested in getting some Venture Bros. action figures you should read this.

Game of Thrones cupcakes!

Gordon Ramsay gets another TV show.

This is awesome. And weird. But still awesome.

R.I.P. Tom Wilson, creator of Ziggy.

Fox is considering creating a 24-hour Simpsons channel.

Mike Tyson broke Steve-O's nose at the Charlie Sheen roast.

There have been some pretty terrible Star Wars video games, but was this one the worst?

This one is for fans of The Wire only.

Happy Birthday Cheryl Hines!!!

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The Daily Word with Bulgarian Yogurt, Violent Tweets and Crossbow Attacks

The Daily Word

APD fires officer over violent tweets.

Companies who pay more to their CEOs than in taxes.

Federal judge strikes down Texas sonogram law.

Gawker vs. Fox News, round whatever.

The origins of the Black Death have been uncovered.

Boy shot with crossbow for throwing rocks at cars.

Bad news for Greek yogurt.

Will an HIV scare lead to less new porn?

Fermilab scientists figures out how to cut plane boarding time in half.

Glenn Beck wants to know if the term colored is really such a bad thing.

Stupid things Game of Thrones characters have done.

Cyberlockers replace Bittorret sites as the most popular file-sharing sites.

Happy birthday Buddy Hackett!!!

V.20 No.34 | 8/25/2011

Culture Shock

Bubonicon, Steampunk Style

A totally killer schedule is in place for Albuquerque’s annual, homegrown festival of science fiction and fantasy. The theme of this year’s convention is steampunk, which we at the Alibi are crazy about [Feature, “Full Steam Ahead,” July 21-27]. There’s a costume contest on Saturday night, a discussion on “Steampunk Definitions: More Than Victorian Clothing,” a make-and-take workshop with gears, and vendors selling corsets, cloaks and all the other bits and bobs to fulfill your mechanical-wonder needs.

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The Daily Word with Migraines, Mullah Omar and Manatees

The Daily Word

Taliban leader Mullah Omar may be dead.

House Republicans pass a crazy Tea Party debt plan.

Albuquerque judge arrested and charged with rape.

Michelle Bachmann gives gets migraines.

Former Santa Fe county sheriff faces 250 counts of embezzlement.

Check out this fake Chinese Apple Store.

Leopard mauls 11 people in India.

Photos from a ghost town in Cyprus, untouched by humans for almost 40 years.

McDonald's will open a 10,000 square foot, double-decker restaurant in London, for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Your crazy wife will love these crazy milk ads.

Game of Thrones adds two new cast members.

What was the coxoplectoptera?

75 ex-football players sue the NFL for concealing brain injury risks.

The Hubble Space Telescope discovers a new moon around Pluto.

The Tea Party vs. manatees.

South Park will continue for at least two more seasons.

Loch Ness-type cryptid sighted in Alaska.

Here's the new Spike Jonze directed Beastie Boys video!

Happy Birthday Dean Winters!!!

V.20 No.18 | 5/5/2011

Idiot Box

King’s Cross

“Game of Thrones” vs. “Camelot”

It’s good to be the king. Or is it? Given the wealth of information available in fantasy literature, it seems like being the king is a lousy job. Take two new pay-cable series as evidence: HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and Starz’ “Camelot.”

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V.20 No.17 | 4/28/2011
Strange snow this. I like it not.

Couch Potato

The dragons they are a-dancing: George R.R. Martin, king of all media

The mainstream finally embraces A Song of Ice and Fire

Well, it’s official: the latest installment of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire is at the publisher and there’s nothing you or I or anyone else can do about it except wait patiently for it to be published. Until then, we’ve got HBO’s TV adaptation of A Game of Thrones to tide us over—which I’d sure have a hell of a lot more to say about if they hadn’t sent me that mean DMCA copyright infringement notice the other day. (It’s really hard to watch stuff that isn’t on your computer’s hard drive and never, ever was in the first place.)

As it is, I have to base my observations on that partially-cheesy, partially-compelling, pre-DMCA-notice first episode that I also did not download from anywhere at any time and which, despite its charms, totally failed the crucial can-I-watch-it-with-my-wife litmus test. Sadness. Some thoughts:

1. The snow is not cold at The Wall. Breath is not visible. Wish I hadn’t noticed that, but I just watched Quintet where everyone is really, truly, convincingly cold (as well as really, truly, convincingly stoned out of their gourds).

2. The show, like Martin’s book, throws a lot of characters and cryptic references at you without explaining them. In a fantasy novel, this works. In a 60-minute TV show, it bugs. E.g., casual viewers might not get that Jaime Lannister and the queen are twins (this is dashed off in a single line of exposition and become very important later in the episode) or who the hell the Targaryens are. On the other hand, the only way to solve this problem is to make the show twice as long and I’m not sure I want that either.

3. The dramatic theme song and SimCity-style title visuals: nice. The canned medieval lute music during the feasting scene: aarrrgh!

4. Every scene not pulled directly from the book: aarrrgh!

5. Casting is largely pretty good. Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Ned Stark, Jorah Mormont: yay; Arya Stark: we’ll see; Jaime Lannister: not crazy enough; Cersei Lannister: not evil enough; Khal Drogo: too much mascara.

6. Pentos = Penthouse. Half-naked women submitting to the lust of barbarians is not necessarily a bad thing, but there is a prurient Heavy Metal-magazine gloss to these scenes that makes them a bit ridiculous and pretty much substantiates critic Ginia Bellfante’s claim that the story is “boy fiction”. Yet if nipples are inherently entertaining (they are), these scenes rock.

7. I guess we’ve decided that every quasi-medieval fantasy world is filled with miscellaneous British accents. OK, I guess I’ll have to accept that.

8. Who the hell keeps all those candles lit in Winterfell? They must have a Captain of the Candles who runs his staff ragged.

“Lord Snow,” Game of Thrones episode 3, airs in New Mexico Sunday, May 1, at 7 p.m. and immediately thereafter throughout the universe on torrent sites that I do not now and will never visit.

V.20 No.13 | 3/31/2011
The Daily Word


The Daily Word, with Heath Ledger, beating hearts, monkeys in cars and heroic dogs.

Ten most ignorant politicians.

A dog saved a baby.

Scientists hope lab-grown hearts will start beating soon.

Did they find a picture of Jesus?

Cops play solitaire on their little cop car computers.

Somebody got a dead mouse in a Monster Energy Drink.

Monkeys race in tiny cars.

The history of the ice-pick lobotomy.

Slate has lunch with Roger Waters.

Does the band Mogwai enjoy rectal vodka tampons?

Watch the first 12 minutes of Game of Thrones.

Most Grimm’s Fairy Tales would make good movies.

Here are some good photo bombs.

Ghoulish engineers use human blood for data storage research.

Infinite Tom Sellecks.

Thank you, slaves.

At the cloud, you must look.

Prepare for the next Ice Age.

The best of April Fools’ from around the web.

The Foothills Fire is 100% containted. The Ruidoso fire is not. The Sevillita Fire is 25% contained.

High winds left 3500 East Mountian residents without power last night.

The cops busted a drug house.

Let’s look at KOAT’s mugshots from Friday.

Happy birthday, Heath Ledger.

Thanks to Tom Nayder and Geoffrey Anjou for many of today’s top stories.