music review

V.28 No.41 | 10/10/2019

Sonic Reducer

fuguers cove execution drone · Golconda Ghost Stories · LAD & Gypsy Penumbra

We review new releases by fuguers cove, Golconda and LAD & Gypsy.
V.28 No.40 | 10/3/2019

Sonic Reducer

OK Grandpa If Jesus Comes Back, Kill Him Again · Nobody Particular The Endangered Cowboy · The High Desert Playboys Country Songs for Your Trip To Mars

We review new releases by The High Desert Playboys, Nobody Particular and OK Grandpa.
V.28 No.39 | 9/26/2019

Sonic Reducer

S.m.i.t.h. W. F.a.n.g. As if i knkw · Alien Space Kitchen Return of the Muckrakers · DayTrippers DayTrippers 1

We review new releases by S.m.i.t.h. W. F.a.n.g., Alien Space Kitchen and DayTrippers.
V.28 No.36 | 9/5/2019
We review new releases by Toll Booth Mustache, Howlcifer Jones and Cactus Warmuth.
V.28 No.35 | 8/29/2019

Sonic Reducer

Russell James Pay Attention

We review a new release by Russell James.
V.28 No.34 | 8/22/2019
Merchants of Labor

Sonic Reducer

pOly-gOne The Shock and Roll EP · TAHNZZ Merchants of Labor (Parts One and Two)

We review new releases by TAHNZZ and pOly-gOne.
V.28 No.32 | 8/8/2019
We review new releases by Sweet Nothin and Lady Uranium, as well as a compilation called WEEDIAN Volume 2.
V.28 No.31 | 8/1/2019
We review new releases by ALONEWULF and Glitter Vomit.
V.28 No.29 | 7/18/2019
We review new releases by DH Scott and Bellemah.
V.28 No.27 | 7/4/2019
Pawn Drive Live at the Albuquerque Press Club
We review Pawn Drive’s Live at the Albuquerque Press Club.
V.28 No.26 | 6/27/2019
We review the new fuguers cove record.
V.28 No.25 | 6/20/2019
We review Kristina Jacobsen’s Shelter.
V.28 No.24 | 6/13/2019
We review releases by Lucifer’s Apostles, Carrier Waves and Timøteo.
V.28 No.23 | 6/6/2019
We review new releases by Eremitic, Mike Woodlark and You I Am.
V.28 No.22 | 5/30/2019

Sonic Reducer

CloudFace On Second Thought · Crushed!? Split with The UGLYS · Burying Caesar Alabaster Bay

We review albums by CloudFace, Crushed!?, The UGLYS and Burying Caesar.