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The Daily Word 06.28.10: Gun laws, free speech, oil spill

The Daily Word

Labor unions support immigration reform as a result of Arizona's oppressive law.

Insipid South African reporter babe Lara Logan insults Michael Hastings and demonstrates the current wackness of journalism.

U.S. Supreme Court protects the right to bear arms.

NM police can make DUI arrests based solely on third-party tips.

Oil washes ashore in Biloxi causing tourists to flee, and a tropical storm complicates matters.

FDIC closes a failed NM bank.

Is the world entering a "third depression?" Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman thinks so.

Chinese government claims to support free speech, bans soldiers from using social media.

An amazing nineteenth century tale of a couple's escape from slavery—it involves gender bending.

The Cooking Channel "boasts a worldly feel, not unlike the international aisle at Safeway."

Learn to make cooling gazpacho and variations thereof.

See beautiful beaches, scorn the desert.

East Mountain residents (including bears) should be bear aware.

Lindsay Lohan is to star in a graphic non-porno about porno.

Vince Neil arrested, apparently didn't learn his lesson when he killed that guy from Hanoi Rocks.

Weather: Possible rain today, regular/hot throughout the rest of the week.

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The Daily Word 06.11.10: Oil spill, World Cup, digital billboards, living beyond your means

The Daily Word

Jemez burns anew.

Obama's old NYC apartment is for rent.

Pelosi on the oil spill; also, an analysis of its many hazards.

New Orleans oyster company, America's oldest at 134 years old, closes.

Brides are canceling their beach weddings along the gulf coast.

Teenage solo sailer Abby Sunderland was located in the Indian Ocean.

The World Cup is here, and people are jazzed about soccer, ahem, futbol.

It's Jacques Cousteau's 100th birthday—here are some zings under zee zea.

Were pre-historic sea monsters warm-blooded?

Floods kill 12 in Arkansas.

City councilor Issac Benton wants to ban digital billboards because they're ugly and a traffic distraction.

In New Mexico it's now OK to pass out drunk in your car if you don't intend to drive.

A 24-year-old talks about her first trip to an AA meeting.

The narcotic effects of video games.

Financial crisis: How the U.S. was allowed and encouraged to live beyond its means.

New Mexico may want the poor to pay for their own health insurance.

Seems like it would be hard to do tricks in a Celtics cheerleader uniform.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna are no longer friends; Courtney Love underpantsless with Amanda Lepore.

Weather: Highs in the mid-'80s over the weekend.

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The Daily Word 06.10.10: BP, Operation Rescue, free baby

The Daily Word

A motorcyclist died at Central and Carlisle last night.

Susana Martinez rolled out an ad that blames Denish for a sex crime.

BP’s years of neglect.

There’s cell-phone video of the teen smuggler who was killed by a border patrol agent.

Operation Rescue, a strident anti-abortion group from Kansas, is setting up camp here.

Iran vows to pursue its nuclear program.

Five justices side with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce two-thirds of the time.

Arlington National Cemetary managers are fired.

Free baby ad was a hoax.

The most disgusting toys of the ’80s.

World’s oldest shoe.

Can a runner beat a horse?

Lady Gaga’s new video is very 1990.

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The Daily Word 6.1.10: New Mexico Primary, Stylish Werewolves, The Other Fergie

The Daily Word

Get out there and vote in today’s primary!

Tropical Storm Agatha makes a giant hole in Guatemala City.

A woman who was hit by a car sues Google for faulty Google Map directions.

Kids are wearing yellow contact lenses and fangs in schools these days.

A new poll finds 46 percent of Americans suffer from debt stress.

Sarah Ferguson, videotaped in a hotel attempting to sell access to her ex Prince Andrew, tells Oprah she was just drinking.

The U.S. military withdraws from earthquake-ravaged Haiti today.

24 miles of Louisiana coastline has been fouled due to the Gulf oil spill.

A man shoots an employee and then himself at a North Carolina Target store.

California is split in half when it comes to Arizona’s SB 1070.

PNM wants a 21 percent rate hike on your electric bill.

Worker bees swarm Wall Street on Memorial Day. Are they trying to tell us something?

Moriarty may be the future site of a memorial for DWI victims.

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The Daily Word 05.20.10: Lance Armstrong again, Kirtland jet fuel leak, Pearl Jam, yes, Pearl Jam

The Daily Word

Jet fuel leak at Kirtland is making its way to Albuquerque's wells.

ICE has caught 31 undocumented immigrants in its 10 days at the Prisoner Transport Center.

Family hires family at the jail.

Local actor the star of ABC sitcom "Modern Family."

Scientists say the government is allowing BP to cover up the true scope of the Gulf oil geyser.

The oil has reached a powerful current that might carry it up the Atlantic coast.

Cyclist Floyd Landis says he used drugs—and so did Lance Armstrong.

White House party crashers from the "Desperate Housewives of D.C"?

Half of California thinks pot should be legalized.

Not a movie: Lone, masked thief steals masterpieces from a Parisian museum, including Matisse and Picasso paintings.

Bangkok quiet after night of rioting. Army cleared out thousands of Thai anti-government protesters.

If Kagan gets on the Supreme Court, all justices will have come from two schools: Yale or Harvard.

Name that drum fill.

Partying with Pearl Jam

V.19 No.20 | 5/20/2010
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The Daily Word 5.18.10: Google Is Watching You, God’s Oil Spill, Red Light Cameras Off

A teacher uses a hypothetical assassination of President Obama to teach a geometry problem. Creepy.

Should trained chimps be predicting hurricanes?

A man is accused of trying to swap his 3-month-old daughter for beer.

Google admits to recording communications sent over wireless networks in people’s homes. Way to out-Big Brother Big Brother, Google.

According to Ted Turner, God is responsible for the massive Gulf oil spill. Makes sense.

4 people commute to work naked to publicize a TV show in London.

A woman chases a Wendy’s worker with a taser after they messed up her order.

Janet Napolitano is vehemently against SB 1070, but hasn’t even read it.

According to Woody Allen, Obama should be a dictator for a few years.

President of HDNet and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says print is not dead.

Albuquerque City Council rejects a proposal to boycott Arizona. Berry’s immigration policy stays.

Red light cameras at three major Albuquerque intersections are now turned off.

Verizon forgives an $18,000 phone bill a man’s son racked up while using the internet.

V.19 No.18 | 5/6/2010
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The Waterboys Friday

Special oil spill edition

In honor of the horrified and heartbroken fishermen of Louisiana, here is “Fisherman’s Blues” by Scottish folk-rock band The Waterboys. (Perhaps this is obvious, but this is the song I always sing along to when it plays on the jukebox at Molly’s, one of my favorite New Orleans bars—they might be listening to this and talking about the oil spill there right now.) Also, some oil spill coverage from New Orleans papers The Gambit and The Times-Picayune.