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Friday, July 13


The University of New Mexico's Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is committed to democratizing medical knowledge and getting best practice care to underserved people all over the world. Project ECHO is funded in part by grants from the GE Foundation, the Helmsley Charitable Trust, the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, the Merck Foundation, and the US Government and has received support from the NM Legislature, the University of New Mexico, and the New Mexico Department of Health. Project ECHO's vision is to touch the lives of 1 billion people by 2025 and we are looking for mission-driven high performers who share similar values to join our team and achieve this goal. Project ECHO prides itself on being a values based organization. Our seven values include: Service to the Underserved, Demonopolize Knowledge, Mutual Trust and Respect, Teamwork, Excellence and Accountability, Innovation and Learning and Joy of Work. We strive to find individuals who can embrace and exemplify these values. Project ECHO is seeking a Strategic Support Manager/Health Policy Strategist to join our team. This position will help maintain and develop strategic partnerships with external stakeholders, funders, and government agencies. As such, experience working with managed care organizations, value-based payment models, and familiarity with legislative processes are strongly desired. The need to develop staff with knowledge and skill in this area is particularly pressing as ECHO Institute will soon adopt a new, long-term strategic plan, and the ECHO movement may have a unique opportunity for growth with the release of a congressional report on the ECHO model at the end of 2018. This position will work with the ECHO Replication Team, which is responsible for promoting the growth of the ECHO model by training potential ECHO partners, supporting the movement through excellent customer service, managing large grant deliverables in conjunction with the Strategic Support Team, and developing robust data systems to support evaluation and reporting. ECHO expansion is accelerating, with 217 replicating partners in 31 countries around the world (as of June 30, 2018). This growth has created the need for a full time person to focus in the policy and strategic growth space. It has become especially apparent that the sustainability of the ECHO model is tied to developments in healthcare policy across the United States and the ability of replicating partners to leverage opportunities for integration into durable funding streams. The Health Policy Strategist will work with replicating partners to identify and take advantage of these opportunities. The Strategic Support Manager/Health Policy Strategist will coordinate strategic planning and goal development for Project ECHO in both state and federal health policy environments. This position will interface with Replication Team leadership and other key stakeholders (data team, ECHO replication partners) to analyze the barriers to and facilitators of ECHO expansion. This position will represent the organization to various institutional divisions of the university, as well as to external professional and community constituencies. This individual will interact with UNM, state and national policy specialists, grant/funder officers, and key stakeholders to develop ECHO relationships with primary care organizations, MCO’s, and other payer organizations to expand the replication and uptake of ECHO, as well as ensure sustainability for existing ECHO projects, across the US healthcare system. Occasional travel may be required for this position. This position may have direct reports.