Alibi V.29 No.4 • Jan 23-29, 2020
The Song of Names

Film Review

The Song of Names

Historical drama plucks at heartstrings but buries tune

Those interested in stories of love, family, forgiveness and faith will be swayed by the backstory but The Song of Names gets lost somewhere in its construction, working far too hard to deliver an emotional payoff that should have been immediate and effortless.

Reel World

This week you can see Neruda, a sing-along version of The Sound of Music, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Ratatouille. And it's time to send in your 2-minute audition for the Actors Showcase.

Idiot Box


NBC goes streaming with Peacock

NBC, the network you currently get for free over the airwaves, would like you to start forking over some more of that sweet subscription video on demand money.
Star Trek: Picard trailer

Week in Sloth

Highlights from around the dial. Except no one has dials anymore.
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Hump the Pain Away

Hump Fest

For the third year in a row, author, journalist and LGBTQ+ activist Dan Savage brings his touring amateur art porn festival HUMP! Fest back to Albuquerque. Understandably for you vanillas out there, this might sound terrifying. Watching the most unusual, and honestly thought-provoking, pornography in a theater surrounded by strangers could be a nightmare. If you appreciate sex and quality cinema, we assure you that this is a really cool experience. Appreciatively, there is a disclaimer at the beginning of each showing explaining the rules. The rules are basically this: Don't make obnoxious comments and keep your hands to yourself. Pretty simple. As in years past, the festival is hosted at Guild Cinema and has brought short films that run the gamut of emotions. This juried collection of works run Thursday, Jan. 30 through Saturday, Feb. 1 with showings at 7pm and again at 9pm each night. Tickets are $18 and you must be over 18 to get your rocks off with strangers.