V.21 No.49 | 12/6/2012
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (from left) Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone, Flesh-n-Bone and Bizzy Bone


Bone up on the ’90s

Seminal Cleveland hip-hop quintet Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have reunited for one final hurrah. The group’s Rock the Bells tour hits Burque on Thursday, Dec. 13, but you might want to study up on Bone Thugs prior to the show. Read all about them in East 99 Meets Burque. Divine harmonies coalescing with crunk melodies and phat beats are the act’s trademark. You’ll want to sing along, right? Refresh your memory with Bone Thugs music videos below. Sunshine Theater • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony • Thu Dec 13 • 8 pm • $27.50 • ALL-AGES! • sunshinetheaterlive.com

V.21 No.30 | 7/26/2012
V.4 No.3 • January 25-31, 1995: Eagle eyes will spot that the cover incorrectly says issue 4. Oops.
Art Director and cover artist: Henry A. Adelson; Design Director: David Dabney


Alibi Flashback: 1995 Burque Band Family Tree

Or, “Dude, didn’t I see you at the Venus Diablo show last Saturday night?”

So it was written in ancient tomes of Alibi that fallen gods of melody both foul and fey did once converge numberless upon the plains, melting matter and thought with formless shrieks before crumbling to shriek no more. Yea, though new demons doth rise to assault these walls of silence, let us yet tribute the elders again and raise our mead in memory.

V.14 No.8 | 2/24/2005
NuCity   vol. 4, issue 8; published March 1, 1995.


Fear and Loathing in the Alibi

We exhume our 1995 Hunter S. Thompson interview

Ten years ago, when the Alibi was called NuCity, then-Editor Alma García and former columnist and Personals Manager (not to mention longtime Hunter S. Thompson companion) Norma Jean Thompson (no relation) embarked on a whirlwind journey to spend several days with the father of "Gonzo" journalism, driving around his property at breakneck speed and attempting to interview him while clinging to their own lives.

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