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V.28 No.12 | 3/21/2019
Contemporary Casta Portraiture: Nuestra “Calidad,” Casta 9 by Delilah Montoya
Delilah Montoya

Art Preview

Exploring Our Own Backyard

516 ARTS looks to our local past

While many works included have come directly from Ray Graham’s personal collection, In Our Own Backyard seeks to go beyond merely exhibiting an archive by bringing in current work to demonstrate a continuum and inspire the next generation of collectors, curators and artists.
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V.27 No.32 | 8/9/2018
Cosmic Love
Nathan Budoff

Culture Shock

Vital Growth

516 ARTS exhibition brings Puerto Rican art to ABQ

Defying Darkness is an exhibition featuring more than a dozen artists working in Puerto Rico and throughout the diaspora, confronting contemporary issues of economic struggle, identity and the vestiges of colonialism while maintaining a long memory of history.
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V.25 No.41 | 10/13/2016
Painting by Chaz Bojorquez
Chaz Bojorquez

Event Horizon

An Artful Anniversary

Saturday, Oct 15: Decade Reception

A group exhibition that draws from the diverse local, national and international artists that have been featured at the renowned gallery since their original opening.
V.25 No.32 | 08/11/2016
Matika Wilbur via 516 ARTS website

Event Horizon

Stereotypes Aren't Real

Thursday, Aug 18: Artist Talk

Matika Wilbur discusses her photography project documenting Native American stereotypes.
Matika Wilbur via 516 ARTS website

Thursday, Aug 18: Artist Talk

Matika Wilbur discusses her photography project documenting Native American stereotypes.
V.25 No.9 | 03/03/2016

Event Horizon

Workin' Women

Thursday, Mar 10: Harvey Girls: Opportunity Bound

Filmmaker Katrina Parks and writer Carolyn Meyer share stories and history regarding the beginning of the all female American work forces in the US.
V.24 No.28 | 07/09/2015
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Alibi Picks

Functional Ways to Draw Inspiration

Writing the Visual Workshop

Writer Michael Backus teaches a special workship utilizing photographs to inspire writing.
V.23 No.23 | 6/5/2014
Jessica Angel installing “Hemispherical Immersion”
Photos courtesy of Digital Latin America

Arts Feature

Be a Crossroads

Digital projects bridge geographies, cultures and media

Digital Latin America brings together museum exhibitions, talks, community programs and, best of all, a Downtown block party.
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V.22 No.19 | 5/9/2013
Nicole Dextras’ “Nomadik Harvest Dress”

Culture Shock

Fashion season

This week’s Culture Shock covers wearable plans, a doggy benefit and information on registering for this year’s Zine Fest.
V.21 No.33 | 8/16/2012
“Seventy Flights in Ninety Minutes,” digitally stitched photo by D. Bryon Darby

Art News

ISEA, USEA, We All See Emergent Art Forms in Burque

An international symposium and its underground offshoot

Cultural geographer Ronald Horvath wasn’t thinking of a specific place when he conjured the concept of “machine wilderness” in the ’60s. It helped him describe what he saw taking place across the American Southwest, as technology gradually transfigured the feral landscape. But the phrase describes New Mexico well. And it’s the driving force behind this year’s International Symposium on Electronic Art, taking place here in Albuquerque in September.
V.21 No.21 | 5/24/2012
“Oranges, Box, and Painting on Door” by John Chervinsky
Courtesy of Richard Levy Gallery

Culture Shock

Last Saturday Arts Crawl

John Chervinsky's Frames of Reference is an exquisite contemplation on the interplay between scientific principles and their worldly manifestations. In one of the series' subsets, Studio Physics, the Harvard applied physics professor went to great lengths for his final photographic prints. Chervinsky set up studio still lifes, then photographed portions of them. He mailed those photos to a painting factory in China and incorporated the reproductions of his photos by anonymous artists back into the still lifes. Elements of decay (a bowl of rotten bananas half covered by a painted “before” version of the ripe fruit) exhibit the enigma of impermanence in a visually straightforward way.

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V.21 No.3 | 1/19/2012

Alibi Picks

Art Slam

Four Poets Respond is a performance piece dealing with the way objects shape our lives. Directed by Elsa Menéndez, the annual collaboration brings together a group of acclaimed bards who reflect on artwork and functional items—such as a pair of red shoes—that have personal resonance. The event takes place on Wednesday at 516 ARTS. The performers are Valerie Martínez, Lauren Camp, Jasmine Cuffee and Shelle Sánchez. If you're not familiar with these names, Martínez was the poet laureate of Sante Fe for two years, Camp hosts the poetry show "Audio Saucepan" on KSFR-FM, Cuffee is a slam champion and Sánchez is the director of education at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. This impressive lineup comes together in conjunction with Tricklock's 12th annual Revolutions International Theatre Festival.

V.20 No.43 | 10/27/2011

Alibi Picks

Super Poets

It's a bird ... it's a plane ... it's a bunch of poets in superhero costumes! But seriously, what better way to kick off the Halloween weekend than dressing up as your favorite masked man and listening to the Silver Surfer wax poetic? You may be in for just that if you attend 516 Arts’ Superheroes Poetry Contest Awards Show tonight at 7 p.m. (516 Central SW). In conjunction with the Superheroes: Icons of Good, Evil & Everything in Between show on display through January, 516 Arts staged a poetry contest and is now unveiling its five winners. The evening will be highlighted by feature poet and comic book enthusiast Gary Jackson. Local legend Hakim Bellamy will host and Nora Hickey, Nick DePascal and Bonnie Altamirano will also perform. The event is free and all attendees are encouraged to costume it up. You should go. Attending a poetry reading will make you feel a lot better about your place in society when you're puking black and orange Jell-O shots out of your nose at 3 a.m. Here is one of the winning poems by Gary Glasgow (after the jump):


He flies! And runs with speed no mortal can.

Unloved, because he’s strange and not from Earth

Regrets he, that he’s not of human klan

And can n’er return to the planet of his birth.

His paunch belies the strength within him still

His craggy face reflects the years of toil

A seventy year exercise of his will

An alien seeking justice on our soil.

No thanks received, no treasures offered up

The Planet’s laid him off, no sad goodbyes

Now waiting for the Greyhound bus to stop

No Lois here, no Jimmy. No surprise.

The victories of Youth have well been told

Our heroes, hopes and dreams have gotten old.

V.20 No.31 | 8/4/2011
Harvest: a portrait of the artist, Roberta Price, 1972
David Perkins

Gallery Review

Life on the Flip Side

Concurrent exhibits at 516 ARTS home in on alternative communities

The first thing you notice is a bearded man with “Hug Life” tattooed across his beer gut, standing on a homemade raft. This image, and numerous other examples of alternative living, are the focus of two summer exhibits at 516 ARTS: Across the Great Divide, a collection of photographs by Roberta Price, and Worlds Outside This One, featuring more than a dozen contributors. Across the Great Divide documents life in Southwestern communes―small, rural communities based around collective land ownership. Worlds Outside This One shows environmentally friendly and often portable methods of housing from around the world.

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V.20 No.23 | 6/9/2011

Alibi Picks

Cross the Divide

516 Arts (516 Central SW) will present a free panel discussion, The Construction of the Counterculture: The Role of Women & the Place of Architecture, as well as two new exhibitions—Across the Great Divide, photography by Roberta Price, and Worlds Outside This One, works by multiple international artists—all on Saturday. Panelists include Price and artist Linda Fleming, both early residents of the Libre commune, and the architect Arnold Valdez. The panel is at 2 p.m., followed by a reception for the art opening at 6 p.m. This triad is the first event of a summer-long collaboration between 516 and Alvarado Urban Farm, unCommon Ground, a series of exhibits and programming about self-sufficiency, community and visions of utopia.