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Sweetheart Deals: Valentine's Day Art Market Opening Reception

Here’s a sweet thought: Keep a little love in your heart (and your community) this Valentine’s Day by shopping early and buying local. Don’t wait until you’re on your way home from work on Feb. 14 to buy your beloved a box of drugstore chocolates and a Garfield card; instead, swing by Factory on 5th this weekend to find a perfect one-of-a-kind gift that’ll speak volumes about your true feelings. The Valentine’s Day Art Market takes place this Saturday, Feb. 1, from 10am to 5pm and Sunday, Feb. 2, from noon to 5pm in the 5G Gallery (1715 Fifth Street NW). With over 30 local makers participating, you’ll find goodies like unusual vessels repurposed as terrariums containing locally-sourced plants by Lucca and Lenny Designs; natural soaps, lotions and other scrumptious body products from Sunshine Garden; baskets woven from recycled irrigation tubing by Full Circle Baskets and Accessories; and, of course, nommable treats from Elixir Boutique Chocolates. Come make a party of it—the market’s opening reception tonight from 7 to 10pm, includes Sage Harrington and the Happy Gland Band, fire spinners from the New Mexico Burning Man Chapter, Sebastiano’s and Rustic food trucks, Pop Fizz Palatería and more. 5G Gallery • Fri Jan 31 • 7-10pm • FREE • View on Alibi calendar

V.21 No.45 | 11/8/2012

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Wake up

This week’s Flyer on the Wall alerts artsy music lovers about an opening reception for Billy Joe Miller’s mixed-media photography installation, Wake, at 5G Gallery North and a corresponding music showcase at The Kosmos (1715 Fifth NW) tonight. Miller organized the whole shebang and says the new exhibit is loosely themed on the multiple meanings of the word “wake.” There’s the funereal meaning, the awakened context and the aqueous trail bit. Check out music from performing acts below. The Kosmos • Extradura Quality Carbon • Danny Paul Grody • Twig Palace • Jordan O'Jordan • Fri Nov 9 • 9 pm • $7 • ALL-AGES!

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Arts & Lit

Cool Art Show

Chess pieces with eerie human heads. Gluttonous wolves. An interactive wall with Velcro facial hair. They're all part of Black and White, a group show at 5G Gallery inside Factory on 5th. The show opened last Friday, and despite the color-free limitations put on the artists, the array of work is diverse—with themes ranging from philosophical polar bears to broken relationships depicted through geometric chiaroscuro. Gallerist David Cudney says the hours of the show are similar to the next door Kosmos Café's hours—about 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, a few hours after the Church of Beethoven on Sunday, or "whenever there is an event at Kosmos." Black and White runs through June 24th.

V.20 No.22 | 6/2/2011
Painting by Laila Cola Weeks, an artist featured in the show

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See Everything in Black and White

Create an artwork, in any medium, but it must have only two colors. Even grays are off-limits. Oh, and you have a deadline. This was the challenge taken on by more than 10 artists for Black and White, the upcoming show at the 5G Gallery. David Cudney, who runs the gallery, says the parameters were to make sure that all the work created for the show was brand-new. Having an assignment can also inspire an artist to work more fervently. The opening reception is Friday, at 6 p.m., when you can see the two-tone fruits of their labors. There will be hors d’oeuvres and music, along with “some kind of black and white water feature.” The 5G Gallery is inside the main building of the Factory on 5th (1715 Fifth Street NW).