Albuquerque Isotopes

Albuquerque Isotopes

V.27 No.24 | 6/14/2018
The nuclear nachos are enough for two to share
Photo by Sara Haugaard

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Isotopes Park Fare

What to eat when you’re enjoying America’s pastime

Here’s a bit of a guide for Isotopes Park’s cuisine, including some of the new menu items introduced this season.
V.25 No.35 | 09/01/2016


The Daily Word In justified gun discharge, no big 12 and the return of Lyft

The Daily Word

An APD officer who suffered a broken femur and wrist in an encounter with a convicted felon and habitual offender was cleared of wrong doing in the incident.

UNM sports teams are out of the running to be part of the Big 12 Conference.

An affordable housing project called CUATRO opened on Fourth Street recently.

Albuquerque Public Schools is delaying some important remodeling and renovation projects because of a lawsuit calling into issue the district's funding process.

First the Isotopes eked one out; then the Bees bounced back.

The return of Lyft bodes well for the Duke City.

There are some really big Rainbow Trout in New Mexico lakes and someone from Burque caught one in the Pecos River "while fly-fishing with a bead-head, pheasant tail nymph."

V.25 No.34 | 08/25/2016


The Daily Word in Groceries, Triple-A Beisbol, Kirko Bangz and Gigantic Bluegill

The Daily Word

As of 6am this fine August morning, there is a grocery store in downtown Albuquerque and it is open.

The Albuquerque Isotopes went 12 innings against the El Paso Chihuahuas, but lost 4-2 after Chihuahuas' third baseman Carlos Asuage and shortstop Jóse Rondón came alive late in the game.

Members of the Kirtland Air Force Base 512th Rescue Squadron recently saved a couple of hikers who were lost in the mountains of Colorado. But they had to leave the llamas behind.

The Daily Lobo reports on violence at the Metropolitan Detention Center and the protests that have consequently ensued.

H-Town rapper Kirko Bangz caused some trouble in Hobbs.

New Mexico's Human Services Department will now be under the guidance of a special master.

At Shady Lakes, Northwest of town, "There are some gigantic bluegill hanging out at the trout gutting station."

V.25 No.32 | 08/11/2016

Daily Word

The Daily Word in Gary Johnson, drive through dope, naked accident victims and curly tail grubs

The Daily Word

The Albuquerque rally for third-party presidential candidate and former NM Governor Gary Johnson, originally scheduled for today, has been rescheduled to August 20.

A New Mexico Man charged with incest told authorities that he felt the relationship would spare his mother from further abuse and neglect.

Health department officials have rejected plans for a drive-through medical cannabis dispensary in Albuquerque.

In more local news, a naked man jumped into traffic and was hit by a car on I-40.

Second Judicial District Judge Alisa Hadfield set up a strict list of restrictions on news media covering the trial of former APD officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez. The two are charged with the death of homeless camper James Boyd in 2014. Their trial commences in September.

On Wednesday night, the Albuquerque Isotopes defeated the Las Vegas 51s by a score of 8-7, completing a four-game sweep of the Nevada team.

Although fishing on the Jemez River is slow this week, conditions are fair at Cochiti Lake for those using curly tail grubs. Meanwhile, hotdogs for bait still kill at Tingley Beach.

V.21 No.23 |


The Daily Word in shady behavior, hard time(s) and pseudo-utero

The Daily Word

The World Health Organization says diesel exhaust fumes cause lung cancer.

The arrest of seven Zetas drug cartel members from Mexico may reveal links to money laundering via horse breeding and racing in several U.S. states, including New Mexico.

The worst recent surge of killings in Iraq renews fears about sectarian violence.

Former assistant of Gabrielle Giffords will take her place in Congress after beating out conservative opponent.

Handy tip: Don't keep $1.25 million in envelopes around your apartment if the Russian security state is on your ass.

George Zimmerman's wife is now in trouble with the law, too.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (along with approximately 7 million other U.S. citizens) is having a rough time in jail.

A newly formed public-interest reporting organization aims "to foster a stronger journalistic culture in our state."

Jay McCleskey, top advisor to Gov. Susana Martinez, obtained names and email addresses of non-union public school teachers on behalf of her political action committee. Why McCleskey wanted the list isn't clear. It's against the law for state employees to contribute to the work of PACs.

Joy Junction emergency shelter is set to expand in the midst of what its CEO calls a statewide "crisis" of homelessness.

Scientists were shocked to find algae thriving under Arctic sea ice.

Stress of contemporary life got you on the rails? Self-soothe by crawling back into the (recycled-fiber) womb.

Stevie Wonder joins the Albuquerque Isotopes! (Don't get as excited as I did at the prospect.)

V.19 No.30 | 7/29/2010


Baseball “at bat themes” suck.

If you’re like me, you go to an average of one Isotopes game per season. If you’re even more like me, you wonder why the park can’t just let the organ player take care of business in the traditional ballpark manner. The organ is versatile, conveying tension, suspense, rapture, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Can one play Take Me Out To The Ball Game on any other instrument? No, one cannot.

“Flight of the Bumblebee,” “Baby Elephant Walk,” “Greensleeves,” “Rhapsody in Blue,” “All Of Me.” These should be adequate for a night at the ballpark. Play anything you want, actually –as long as it’s on the organ. Unfortunately you should prepare yourself to be assaulted with five second blasts of Pearl Jam, Kenny Chesney, Michael Jackson and yes, The Black Eyed Peas, every time a player comes to bat. The “walk-up song” or “at-bat theme” is a plague on the game! Every time a player comes to bat, his theme is blared for a comically short time. Does this get him in the mood to play ball? Perhaps it is psychological-warfare a la Waco or the Flight of The Valkyries scene in Apocalypse Now. Makes me want to run and hide.

Maybe people recognize the players by their at-bat theme. My daughter recognized one of the Isotopes players at Wednesday’s game for one reason, not for his at-bat theme, but for his having burst into tears last season when we saw him play -you know who you are, Isotopes #7. What if one of the players’ themes was the Einsturzende Neubauten masterpiece “Yu-Gung?” Feed my Ego! Now that would make sense! On the organ.

The Isotope Stadium organ player must feel slighted, his mighty sounds stomped on by Audioslave every time # 31 comes to bat. There is respite, however. When the visiting team is at bat, all they get is the sound of the crowd, the field and the organ. (Sounds of relaxed slurping of nine dollar beer.) See the ‘Topes walk up songs here.