Andy Williams

V.21 No.39 | 9/27/2012


The Daily Word in sketchy refereeing, Biebs stealing the show, underwater street-viewing

The Daily Word

Ann Romney chats with Leno about prejudice and emergency plane-landings.

Curiosity rover completes its first mission on Mars.

High-profile New Mexico felon Daniel Martinez has been arrested again on violation of probation.

The Princess Bride actors and actresses then and now.

The NFL replacement referee controversy continues.

The Biebs saves the day.

NMSU professor is studying the effects of recent drought on chile crops.

Planning a trip to the great blue? Don’t forgot to check out Google’s new underwater street view.

Participants of the 2012 European Beard and Moustache Championships in eastern France.

ENMU braces for NCAA punishment in wake of student-athlete eligibility issues.

Apologies to the queen.

Gollum: 1966-2012.

New children’s book idea: The Wolf and the Watermelon.

RIP Andy Williams.

V.19 No.47 |


The Daily Word 11.26.10: Charlie Sheen, nazi death camp, Andy Williams

The Daily Word

Boys lost at sea for two months lived on seagull and coconuts.

United States has been in Afghanistan as long as Soviets.

Missing stripe on Jupiter comes back.

Porn actress delays lawsuit against Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen still suing her.

Really tall rhinoceros emerged following death of dinosaurs.

Woman who survived Nazi death camp to become busty horror star dies.

Santa Fe youth minister arrested for molesting kids.

Lobo football player arrested for bar brawl.

More than 600,000 people killed by second hand smoke every year.

Andy Williams still going strong in Branson.