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V.27 No.33 | 8/16/2018

Alibi Readers' Choice

Best of Burque Restaurants 2018 voting phase is on!

Votes may be cast daily until September 26—so get crackin’!

The great day has come, the great day has come at last. The nominees are on the ballot and the polls are officially open for Best of Burque Restaurant, 2018 edition. Participants may vote daily until September 26. Yes, daily! Yes, this IS a popularity contest! (And may the most delicious contestants win.)
V.27 No.20 | 5/17/2018

Alibi Events

Burque Burger Week Voting Open May 23 to June 6

Top-placing burger makers to be celebrated June 20 to 27

Inquiring minds want to know: What’s your favorite burger in Burque? Weekly Alibi is hosting our first ever Burque Burger Week, which will showcase the city’s favorite burgermeisters as nominated by you, our lovely readers. The winning restaurants will each craft a special burger that they’ll only serve from June 20 to June 27. Nominations are open now, from May 23 to June 6. Flame on!

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V.27 No.17 | 4/26/2018
Best of Burque

Best of Burque 2018

Our readers flaunt their faves

Here are Alibi’s 2018 Best of Burque winners in a wide variety of areas—from Night Life to Arts to Services to Cannabis. Our editorial staff has jumped in as well, spilling details on each “Best Of” winner. And if you don’t agree with what your fellow Alibi readers chose, be sure and vote for your favorites next year!
Life in Burque

Best of Burque 2018

Life in Burque

Best City Politician to Get a Pat on the Back

All the bests for residents: politics, money, media, romance and others.
Burque’s Finest Moustache Wax

Best of Burque 2018


Best Book Store

The most economically stimulating bests of Albuquerque's merchant class, including book stores, games, clothing, flowers, guns and more.

Best of Burque 2018


Best Performing Arts Group

The Best in theatre, visual arts and words both spoken and written.

Best of Burque 2018


Best Place to Take Kids

Best place to take your kids, best museum and best toy store.

Best of Burque 2018


Best Auto Dealership

The Best of Burque's highly trained professionals and fabulous establishments, including auto dealers, IT, spas, credit unions, hospitals and many others.

Best of Burque 2018


Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Best medical cannabis dispensary and CBD shop; best strain and edible.
beer mug

Best of Burque 2018

Night Life

Best Casino

Best bars of various kinds, casinos and hookah lounges.

Best of Burque 2018


Best Place to Board Your Pet

Best place to board your pet; best non-profit, rescuers, clinics and supplies.
V.27 No.16 | 4/19/2018

Best of Burque Music 2018

Best of Burque Music 2018 Winners

A big thanks to Showcase participants and attendees

Winners and nominees—23 of them— rocked over a thousand attendees at five venues on March 24, 2018. It was a blast and we’ll see you at next year’s shindig. Here for posterity (and your browsing pleasure) are the winners and runners-up.

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V.27 No.12 | 3/22/2018
Best of Burque Music Showcase

Best of Burque Music 2018

Don’t cry and remember to vote: it’s a lark!

This year’s Best of Burque Music reader’s poll reflects the portion of the population that voted. If you still don’t like the results after some studied listening, then August March has the same general advice he does about not liking any election outcomes: Vote!
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The Despots
courtesy of Reverb Nation

Best of Burque Music 2018

Best of the Best

Players and bands in this town are known for their prowess and musicality, even far from our town’s ostensible borders. This year our readers contributed to that historical conversation.
Tylor Brandon Band
Matt Timmons

Best of Burque Music 2018

Around Town

Around Town is the category about socially functional aspects of music in El Burque.