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Dream Blog #353

A Visit to France

A dream of France, sunshine, Willem Dafoe and opera.
V.19 No.24 | 6/17/2010


The Daily Word 6.15.10: Vuvuzelas, Marijuana, Solar Flares

The Daily Word

Gen. David Petraeus passes out in the middle of a Senate hearing.

Republican congressman Steve King says Obama favors blacks over whites.

A woman dies after she receives lungs from a 30-year smoker. Who really thought that would work out?

That constant humming you’re hearing while watching the World Cup? It’s just vuvuzelas, you’re not going insane. Get an anti-vuvuzela filter to cancel out the noise.

NASA says a massive storm of solar flares will hit around 2013, which could fuck up a lot of electronics.

A Barcelona clinic is investigated for offering to cure gays.

Road trip! There seems to be marijuana growing in Manhattan’s Union Square Park.

An APD officer shoots and kills a man at the Flying J truck stop on Central and 98th.

The Luna County Sheriff’s Department discovers 70 roosters in a cockfighting raid.

BP buys 32 oil-separating machines from Kevin Costner to clean up the Gulf.

Today in “Who Cares?” News: Eminem almost died.