V.24 No.42 | 10/15/2015

The Daily Word in the future is the present, who killed the four-year-old, and good old MJ

The Daily Word

Today is Back to the Future day, but no one is in a hovercraft.

A road rage incident has the city in shock. There is now new information on the suspect.

A realistic portrayal of what Trump would do with his first 100 days in office.

Jaden Smith plans to disappear. Please don't leave us, you are an irreplaceable voice of insight in the blind modern day Hollywood.

Joe Biden isn't running for president, and lots of people are surprised.

Dogs go to Utah instead of Heaven.

Listen to Smooth Criminal played on traditional Japanese instruments.

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The Daily Word: Sugar sugar, gas prices, Kobe Bryant

The Daily Word

9 things rich people don't want us to know about taxes.

OK, federal government. What's the plan?

Looks like someone got fat off the financial crisis.

State Supreme Court rules Gov. Martinez overstepped her authority when she ordered two members off the labor board.

The man killed by APD was schizophrenic, says his brother.

Press tries to understand why the mom drove her kids into the Hudson River.

Albuquerque uses its nuisance ordinance to evict people too often, judge says.

Locals find other modes of transport as gas prices spike.

Kobe Bryant ordered to pay $100,000 for uttering a gay slur about a ref.

Is sugar a toxin?

People can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive wines, according to an experiment.

Vice President Biden caught on camera dozing off during Obama's deficit speech.

Oregon House Rickrolls an entire session.

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The Daily Word 09.29.10: Biden On Thursday, Balloonist Missing, Breakfast Pizza

The Daily Word

Local balloon pilot missing over the Adriatic Sea.

Vice President Biden will be visiting Albuquerque on Thursday.

That gunman at the University of Texas yesterday only killed himself.

Credible but not specific threats about a possible upcoming terrorist attack.

Massive fuel leak threatens drinking water in Grants.

The Supreme Court agrees to see if AT&T has personal privacy rights.

Three-year-olds birthday party ends with a riot.

Sex offender arrested for not reporting his new address under a bridge.

Gold-dispensing ATMs are coming.

Lone Star cancelled after only 2 episodes.

Nominees for 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are announced.

Are you raising stupid kids?

Amy Fisher is becoming a porn star.

The hottest toys of the 2010 holiday season are …

A pink hippo has been found in Kenya.

Waste some time with this incredibly depressing lottery simulator.

One-third of mammals declared extinct are actually alive?

George Lucas is re-releasing the Star Wars movies (even the crappy ones) in 3d.

Domino's is introducing breakfast pizza.

Have a sucky birthday Les Claypool!

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The Daily Word 03.24.10: Healthcare, Biden is a National Treasure, UFOs in Chile

The Daily Word

President Obama signs the historic healthcare overhaul bill. Joe Biden celebrates by dropping the f-bomb. Republicans say they're taking their ball and going home.

How badly does the healthcare overhaul destroy Mitt Romney's chances in the 2012 election?

Albuquerque Fire Department unveils new DWI guidelines.

Awful movie news: Sony announces plans for a 3D all-CGI Popeye movie. Also, Mike Myers is working on a fourth Austin Powers movie.

Advice on how to run your business like a Somali pirate.

This kid with 31 fingers and toes is freaking me out!

My new hero made a White Castle hamburger stuffed turducken.

Finally, a reality-show I'm interested in! Casting has begun for a new show about Craigslist hook-ups.

Why didn't I get bacon roses for Valentine's Day?

Researches studying different paintings of the Last Supper have found an increase in portions over the last 1000 years.

Apparently there were sixteen UFO sightings in Chile the night of the big earthquake.

I wonder whatever happened to the cast of Magnum PI?