Bruce Lee

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The Daily Word in APD probe, Miley's pig and milk for inmates

The Daily Word

U.S. Justice Department announces it will investigate APD.

APD officer accused of encouraging neighbors to brawl to settle a dispute.

Smoking is dumb for you.

Best prank ever. By which we mean freaking scariest.

Napping baby art.

San Juan County inmates nearly riot over lack of milk at breakfast.

That Facebook privacy notice everyone's posting won't help you at all.

Bigfoot DNA results. Finally.

Albuquerque Authorities name their baby rhino Chopper rather than Bonbornio.

Scared red panda.

PETA gave Miley Cyrus a pig for her birthday. She didn't get it.

Fiona Apple cancels a tour to spend time with her dying pit bull, Janet.

L.A. might ban circuses from having pachyderms. (Also, best Primus song.)

Worst logos ever.

Happy birthday, Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix.

V.18 No.48 | 11/26/2009


The Daily Word 11.26.09: Bruce Lee, Cuba and Krispy Kreme.

The Daily Word

Cuba told Chavez to send Iran a hug, then began preparing for the inevitable invasion by the US.

Some ponder the implication of those damning climatologist emails.

Tiger Woods was injured in a car crash, reportedly high on golf.

Bullets fly in Florida at a decidedly unhappy Thanksgiving.

John Edward Jones died in Nutty Putty Cave.

The Godfather of Spam goes to prison.

A mysterious couple with foreign-sounding names managed to crash a White House party.

There was a fatal car smash on I-40.

Krispy Kreme is coming back to Albuquerque and looking to hire 60 donutpeople.

It’s Bruce Lee’s birthday. Here he is playing ping pong.