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V.29 No.13 | 3/26/2020
Trolls World Tour

Idiot Box

Home Theater

Global pandemic changes cinema scene

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has closed movie theaters nationwide and forced the ailing film industry into a premature coma, but Hollywood isn’t about to give up all its profits. Studios have rushed to get their films in front of viewers by collapsing the traditional theatrical/home window.
Baked Goods logo (with correct glasses!)

Baked Goods

Nowhere To Go

Social distancing and dispensaries

New Mexicans have been smart enough not to lose their minds and blow out the state's supply, but COVID-19 is still changing the way we consume cannabis and straining the industry.

Music Interview

Corley’s Jazz

Emerson, EJazz and the community react

People behind the music and entertainment industry—the artists, musicians, technicians and a wide assortment of service workers—continue to suffer economically as well as perhaps emotionally and psychologically. So we were pleasantly surprised to see Entourage Jazz lighting up the social media world this week with a photo they took at St. John’s United Methodist Church.
Cottonwood Mall
Eric Williams Photography

On Assignment

On the Front Lines

In Burque with the other humans

August March armors up and ventures out of his hidden fortress into the COVID-19 zone in search of surviving humans.
This kitty is gonna get her nails done with that stimulus.
Allange / Pixabay License


Trump Finally Stimulating Citizens’ Packages

What you need to know about the COVID-19 stimulus package

On Wednesday, Mar. 25, the unthinkable happened. Congress agreed to help average American citizens. How will they be doing that? By giving us money! The entire stimulus package totals 2 trillion dollars in rescue funding and is currently awaiting an official signature from President Trump. This would be his first time providing any stimulation for someone who’s not himself, so I expect he’ll be curious to experience what that’s like.

Reel World

Albuquerque’s locally owned arthouse theater Guild Cinema has hooked up with a number of distributors who are now providing “theatrical at home” screenings. And owner Keif Henley has come up with a novel way to fill its movie poster boxes, offering them to “local graphic artists, weirdo picture makers, wack imagesters and the like.”

Isolation Log

Madness reigns in the hall of Dan Pennington.
The News Monkey


Residents could damage New Mexico's sewer systems by flushing toilet paper alternatives; officials are encouraging primary voters to take advantage of absentee ballots; lawmakers are expecting to hold a special legislative session to discuss the state budget.
V.29 No.12 | 3/19/2020

New Mexico News

Statewide Changes Going Into Effect

Governor addresses social distancing for residents and businesses

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham held a live-streamed press conference today after announcing confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state had reached 28. Her message was clear: Reduction in interactions with others will continue to reduce transmission, and as such, will help prevent further spread of COVID-19. Due to this, new restrictions have been implemented statewide that will begin being enforced Thursday, Mar. 19 until April 10.

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Film News

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Health restrictions alter immediate future of film industry

Ever-evolving health restrictions are wreaking havoc with the entertainment industry in cities big and small. So where does the state of the film industry, the weekly focus of this here section of the Alibi, stand?
in case of emergency, break glass
Dan Pennington

Food News

No Time For Panic

Locals come together and create community support

With rapid shifts in what can and cannot happen within a restaurant, there is unease from everyone about what will happen to our favorite dining establishments as eating out will evaporate over the next few weeks.
Soap up for sanity.
Clarke Condé

Art Magnified

The Art of Washing Your Hands

Thirty seconds of sanity while the world goes mad

At times of stress, we have been told a million times to take a deep breath and count to 10. It usually works. Washing your hands can do more than that. There is no act of devotion that is as universally understood as mindful washing. Let that devotion be to yourself.

Food for Thought

Toilet Paper Won’t Save You

A guide on stocking up responsibly

Let’s say maybe you’ve never had to rely on cooking at home for two weeks straight before, and you don’t want to risk going out to eat. What should you grab to be stocked up and happy, without overstocking?


Citizens of Hope and Glory

Don’t panic, be patient

Albuquerque takes on COVID-19.

Found Objects

This is a good time to check out Albuquerque Museum’s online collection, to get curbside pickup of your purchased books and games, to take part in MindWell Global Open Mic and to support your local theater production.