Christopher Walken

V.23 No.14 | 4/3/2014


The Daily Word in APD protests, mudslides and how you got that dent in your lip.

The Daily Word

Mayor Berry held a press conference to address APD protests and concerns of excessive force.

Improper logging led to the Washington mudslide.

A baptism ceremony was swept out to sea.

Elton John is getting married.

The healthcare deadline is here.

Ronan Farrow faces ratings woes.

Learn the proper way to eat Tic Tacs.

You can actually sell your crappy CDs.

How much pee in a swimming pool could kill you?

Learn to flirt scientifically.

Psychedelic drugs can relieve despair in terminal patients.

Happy birthday, Christopher Walken.

V.21 No.13 |


The Daily Word: runner Micah True died, Harry Crews died and a cow died.

The Daily Word

Legendary runner Micah True's body was recovered from the Gila Forest.

Rio Arriba county cow mutilation.

Manhattan pizza price war.

Gerolsteiner wasser factory.

Some Baltimoron is RICH.

"Last I checked, my vehicle doesn't burn 80 litres of perfume per week."

City of Santa Fe is suing a restaurant over living wage, to the tune of $24.91.

A coup in China!?

Picture gallery of Mod Generation stickers.

Last I checked a quarter ounce was not "5.7 grams."

Author Harry Crews died.

Read how this guy took Atlantic City casinos.

He follows Kevin on Twitter.

Christopher Walken celebrated his 69th birthday yesterday.

Angus Young turned 57 yesterday.

V.18 No.44 | 10/29/2009


The Daily Word 11.02.09: Giant Jellyfish, Christopher Walken, Ether Man and Nob Hill Carjacking.

The Daily Word

A giant jellyfish sunk a boat.

Read about the world’s largest cruise ship.

Christopher Walken gives a dramatic reading of “Poker Face.”

A suicide bomber killed 35 people in Pakistan.

Regina Benjamin is our new surgeon general.

The Vikings beat Green Bay.

If you’ve been trying to keep count of how many severed feet wash up on the beach in Vancouver, this makes seven.

A guy in Michigan saw the yeti.

A communion wafer turned into heart tissue.

Also, Joe Coleman saw the Virgin Mary in Ireland.

Robert Bruce, in custody in Colorado, is accused of the “Ether Man” rapes in Albuquerque back in the 1990s.

A driver smashed into a UNM Shuttle.

Robert Downy Jr. wants to close I-25 and I-40. I thought they were already closed.

Adam Smock was almost car-jacked in Nob Hill.

A suspected gunman fell out of a tree.

It’s James K. Polk’s birthday. Here’s They Might Be Giants singing about him in Borders.