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The Daily Word 11.19.10: Heath Ledger death pad, extra-galactic planet, accidental hero dog euthanasia

The Daily Word

Landlord: Kids should play along ditch bank instead of on street in trailer park.

State police confiscate 'last pedophile' sculpture from art fest.

First extra-galactic planet discovered. .

Fox News chief apologizes for calling NPR executives 'Nazis.'

Heath Ledger death condo for sale.

Afghan hero dog accidentally put to sleep.

Soldiers caught breaking into medical marijuana dispensary said they were there to destroy the doobage, not smoke it.

Tea Baggers rally to get Bristol Palin elected DWTS winner.

27 miners trapped in New Zealand.

Joan Baez falls out of tree house.

Chinese woman sent to labor camp for retweeting.

Fake doctor jailed for giving breast exams in bars.

Dude shoots television, apparently sick of Bristol Palin on DWTS.