Desert Rose Playhouse

V.25 No.46 | 11/17/2016

Event Horizon

Folk Christmas

Sunday, Nov 27: Christmas Is A Funny Thing

Nationally touring musical storytellers Bettman and Halpin perform the world premiere of their newest holiday show.
V.21 No.29 | 7/19/2012
Christopher Durang writes short shorts; Joshua Ball wears them.
Rose Provan

Performance Review

Mix, Match and Meander

Desert Rose’s Durang series struggles to pin down a prickly playwright

There are certain playwrights whose brilliance is transcendent. When it comes to staging one of their plays, the selection, venue or even language doesn’t matter. Factors like the director, artistry of the set design or budget size—these may change or even heighten the experience, but no matter the circumstances, the power of the play will shine through. Christopher Durang is not one of these playwrights.
V.21 No.25 | 6/21/2012

Alibi Picks

Durang With a Bang

Playwright Christopher Durang's career began with productions at Yale University, starring young classmates of his with names like Meryl Streep and Sigourney Weaver. Forty years later he's established himself as a master of satire, achieving acclaim also as an actor and screenwriter. In honor of the bard, Desert Rose Playhouse (6921 Montgomery NE) is devoting its summer programming to three installations of his work. The first series, Durang-Durang, includes absurdist shorts like the Tennessee Williams spoof "For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls," and runs through July 1. Tonight’s show kicks off at 8 p.m.