Fort Knox

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The Daily Word in New Mexico land, a general's court-martial and ninjas

The Daily Word

CNM's getting a Downtown location, y'all.

Albuquerque is getting a “Living Cities” grant, which will help with Downtown revitalization, low-income residents and community improvement.

President Obama's budget proposal could result in more access to New Mexico public lands.

Three more accusers have come forward against Rusty Glanton, a tumbling coach who was accused of “criminal sexual contact of a minor” in January.

The court-martial is underway for a US general accused of sexually assault.

A transgender woman was told by CrossFit that she couldn't compete in the women's strength competition. Now she's suing them.

Brig. Gen. Peggy C. Combs is the first woman to take command of Fort Knox. Not bad.

An abortion clinic in McAllen, Texas closed its doors yesterday due to new state restrictions. The law is expected to be “fully implemented” in September, which will leave only six clinics in the state of Texas.

Wait … there's actual employment for ninjas? With no experience required? Guess I'm moving to Japan.

V.19 No.35 | 9/2/2010


The Daily Word 8.31.10: Hurricane Earl is coming, Ron Paul is skeptical, drinkers outlive non-drinkers

The Daily Word

Hurricane Earl: Coming to an East Coast city near you.

Ron Paul doesn’t think there’s gold in Fort Knox.

This study claims moderate drinkers live longer lives than non-drinkers. Wha?

A Molotov cocktail is hurled at a Cancun bar, killing eight.

A mobile meth lab is discovered near Coronado Mall.

That big red $5.4 million dollar bicycle bridge visible from I-40 is finally unveiled.

Always a good hair day; NFL star Troy Polamalu’s hair is insured for $1 million by Head and Shoulders.

A 70-year-old woman fights off two purse snatchers. Go, Grandma!