V.28 No.12 | 3/21/2019

Music Interview

Watcher of the Skies

Chatting with Dremon, a fellow who flows

We chat with the rapper named Dremon, born and raised in Albuquerque among a family of music-lovers.

Sonic Reducer

Various Compilation Volume 1

In which August’s alter ego is blown away by 27 killer tracks.
V.28 No.11 | 3/14/2019

Sonic Reducer

Rue Badly Desert Dayze Mixtape · Lindy Vision Adult Children Part I · Polyhedra Polyhedra (EP)

We review new releases by Lindy Vision, Polyhedra and Rue Badly.
V.28 No.10 | 3/7/2019
We review new releases by KBenally/LETSJUSB, Heaven For Less and a compilation from local label Blues Funeral Recordings.
V.28 No.9 | 2/28/2019
Ron Campbell
courtesy of the artist

Aural Fixation

Animating The Beatles

Ron Campbell draws pop culture

Roll up for the Ron Campbell Exhibit next week at Weem’s; it’ll be gear!
V.28 No.8 | 2/21/2019
Lindy Vision
Eric Williams Photography

Music Interview

Experiencing Lindy Vision

The world regarded glamorously, with a groove

We interview Lindy Vision in preparation for their upcoming album release at Meow Wolf.
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V.28 No.7 | 2/14/2019
The Rebbe’s Orkestra
courtesy of the artist

Aural Fixation

KlezmerQuerque is Here

A little dancing never hurts!

KlezmerQuerque is an opportunity to hear some of Burque’s most accomplished folk musicians as they jam to a form of music that is ancient, arcane and awesomely fun to experience.
V.28 No.6 | 2/7/2019
Roberto Reyes of Warehouse 508
August March

Music Interview

A Box for Bright Objects

Warehouse 508 filled with education and activism

August March chats with Warehouse 508 venue manager Roberto Reyes about their musicianship curriculum.
V.28 No.2 | 1/10/2019

Sonic Reducer

St. Petersburg The Agua Fria Sessions · Tom Foe Opaque Projector · Apeirian Age Apeirian Age

There are Radiohead references aplenty in this Week’s Sonic Reducer, which features new local work by St. Petersburg, Tom Foe and Apeirian Age.
V.28 No.1 | 1/3/2019
We review releases by Animaliztik, Svea Lyon and Atomonaut.
V.27 No.51 | 12/20/2018
Violent J
Courtesy Psychopathic Records

Music Interview

New Year’s Eve with Violent J

A winter sans Faygo yields a solo tour

Weekly Alibi has a miraculous chat with ICP’s Violent J.
V.27 No.50 | 12/13/2018
Brother Ali
Colleen Eversman

Music Interview

A Rhymesayer in Burque

Brother Ali concert is Saturday

Alibi music correspondent Jeannette Chapman chats with Brother Ali
V.27 No.48 | 11/29/2018
Ryan Montaño
courtesy of the artist

Music Interview

Sketches of Burque

Ryan Montaño’s trumpet sounds the call

Ryan Montaño chats with Weekly Alibi about his new record.
V.27 No.47 | 11/22/2018
Entourage Jazz
courtesy of the artist

Aural Fixation

There Will Be a Cool Yule

And it features jazz, naturally

Entourage Jazz will present a live performance of their latest CD, Entourage Jazz Wishes You A Cool Yule, Saturday, Dec. 1 at the Outpost Performance Space.