V.29 No.9 | 2/27/2020

Council Watch

Proclamations, Travel, Crime

Council moves forward in 2020

February brought a mixed bag of weather to the Albuquerque City Council as it adjusted to a newly elected member and an empty seat left by Councilor Ken Sanchez’s January death.

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V.29 No.5 | 1/30/2020
Councilors Davis and Jones
Eric Williams Photography

Council Watch

The Legacy of Councilor Sanchez

Plus a new member, the gavel and nuclear power

During the Jan. 22 Albuquerque City Council meeting, one could almost see the spirit of Councilor Ken Sanchez present as the local body politic took care of city business during the first meeting of 2020.
V.29 No.4 | 1/23/2020
Valerie Plame
Courtesy Plame for Congress

News Interview

Plame From District 3

Former CIA agent seeks NM Dem nod

To get the scoop on the whys and wherefore of an unlikely but substantial candidate, Weekly Alibi met with Valerie Plame.
V.29 No.2 | 1/9/2020
Miranda van Dijk
Eric Williams Photography

News Interview

The Next Blue Wave

Chatting with Miranda van Dijk of DPNM

To find out more about the direction the Democratic Party in New Mexico is taking as 2020 carries us toward the November election, Weekly Alibi chatted with Miranda van Dijk, the new Communications Director for Democratic operations.
V.28 No.51 | 12/19/2019
Brad Winter
Eric Williams Photography

Council Watch

The Lion in Winter

Council says goodbye to Bregman’s replacement

Albuquerque City Council said goodbye to its longest-sitting member, while welcoming onboard a new Council member. Then, the body politic gave a shout-out to some very good soccer champs—all at its December meetings.
V.28 No.49 | 12/5/2019

News on the Green

Weekly Alibi reports on how your status as a New Mexico medical cannabis patient can impact eligibility for employment with state government and the Dept. of Health’s proposal to establish cannabis consumption lounges.
Zack Quintero

On Assignment

Make Up Your Mind

Runoff election offers choices for our city

After the discovery that the city's crime statistics erred on the side of optimism and as we approach the runoff election for City Council Districts 2 and 4, we asked candidates to speak to the issues of crime and homelessness in The Duke City.
V.28 No.47 | 11/21/2019
The Albuquerque City Council meets.
Eric Williams Photography

Council Watch

A Multitude of Governance

City Council acts on a variety of items

November happenings at the Albuquerque City Council table included a shout-out to the Rock Your Mocs movement, more closed captioning on public TVs and bucks for a public engagement campaign to attract young professionals.
V.28 No.41 | 10/10/2019
City Councilors Davis, Jones and Benton
Eric Williams Photography

Council Watch

Zoning, Guns, Traffic and Parties

Councilors Hear From Citizens, Debate Measures

A full house of citizens greeted the Albuquerque City Council as it worked on development rules, traffic on the one-ways and sports tourism as hot topics of discussion.
V.28 No.40 | 10/3/2019

On Assignment

Tale of the Tape

The Interview and After

From our political interviews, Weekly Alibi learned the importance of a true representation of the text of the recording; we knew then and we know now that the act of recording must be as focused and accurate as the process of transcription.
V.28 No.39 | 9/26/2019
Teresa Leger Fernandez
Corey Yazzie

New Mexico News

Fernandez from District 3

On Elections, Democracy and El Norte

Weekly Alibi talked to Teresa Leger Fernandez, a Democrat and a progressive who’s running to become the Democratic nominee in District 3.
City Councilors Peña, Sanchez and Harris
Eric Williams Photography

Council Watch

Gun Reform, Burque Style

Council seeks solutions to violence

Albuquerque City Councilors will soon debate a trio of firearm bills.
V.28 No.38 | 9/19/2019
Marco Serna
Corey Yazzie

News Interview

Serna Runs for Congress

A Conversation About Justice and Prosperity

Weekly Alibi sat down with Third Congressional District candidate Marco Serna, currently the District Attorney up in Santa Fe and Los Alamos Counties.
V.28 No.37 | 9/12/2019
State Representative Joseph Sanchez
August March

New Mexico News

More Data from District 3

Joseph Sanchez on energy and infrastructure

Weekly Alibi sat down with Joseph Sanchez, to get a better idea of who he is and what he represents in a crowded Congressional District 3 field that demands attention as the June 2020 primary nears ever nearer.
Connie Vigil
Corey Yazzie

On Assignment

Vigil’s Quest

Focusing on homelessness and addiction

Connie Vigil is the only elephant running for City Council District 2, but she happens to champion certain platform issues that sound progressive.