Rocky Horror Picture Show

V.25 No.42 | 10/20/2016

Event Horizon

There Will Be A Time Warp

Friday, Oct 28: 2nd Annual Rocky Horror Siren Show

A live performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show's soundtrack by Siren Shipwreck. Costumes encouraged.
V.25 No.31 | 08/04/2016

The Daily Word in Birds, Tim Curry and Hate

The Daily Word

The Olympics are getting better, right? Right???

From the mouth of the Doctor himself, Tim Curry is going to be in the new Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Which came first, the corndog or death?

Donald Trump thinks he's not violent at all.

Do you really know what birds look like when they fly?

The last liberal newspaper in China is fighting for it's life.

Who do you hate, you dummy?

V.23 No.43 | 10/23/2014

Reel World

Give yourself over

Rocky Horror screens, Open Wound Film Festival starts, local author recalls “Bloody” Sam Peckinpah.
V.21 No.29 |

Alibi Picks

And I Realize I'm Going Home

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

On the fourth Saturday of each month through October, Time Warp again and again at the Aux Dog Theatre (3011 Monte Vista NE) with performance group Rocky Horror New Mexico. Show up at 10:30 p.m. and get to know the cast and the audience—that's you!—and belt out all of the reactionary lines and tunes that are permanently etched on your vocal cords. Be sure to wear proper beach and poolside attire (there are myriad bodies of water in Transexual Transylvania) during this month's "Beach Party" theme. Tickets can be had by visiting (Adam Fox)

V.21 No.12 | 3/22/2012

Alibi Picks

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

If you don't have that song (and those steps) permanently on repeat in the deepest recesses of your mind, you don't frequent enough midnight showings of <I>The Rocky Horror Picture Show</I>. Rocky Horror New Mexico plans to get the state singing along on Saturday night at The Cell Theatre (700 First Street NW). For $10 ($15 if you want a prop bag; nonstop plane tickets to transsexual Transylvania are extra), watch the 1975 cult classic the way it was meant to be seen in all its cross-dressing and audience-participating glory. Tickets sell out quickly, so get yours by visiting