V.25 No.21 | 05/26/2016

The Daily Word in Fishes, Dinosaur Kisses and Magnets (How Do They Work?)

The Daily Word

Check out this badass hand puppet designed by Barnaby Dixon.
When operated using two hands, it can point, grasp small objects, and move its mouth.

ESA’s Swarm satellite trio has found that the protective magnetic field around the earth has been weakening.

The future of fish: beautiful 3D-printed aquarium "Waterscapes" by designer Haruka Misawa.

Mystery solved: Dinosaurs probably had lips.

Volunteers from The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park found a World War II German code machine on Ebay.

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The Daily Word in Gary King, Jonah Hill and a billion grasshoppers

The Daily Word

Good morning. It's Wednesday, June 4,

and Gary King is your new Democratic candidate for Governor,

the University of New Mexico is making grumpy faces about Professor (and Alibi correspondent) David Correia's recent arrest for protesting APD's pro-shooting policies,

and grasshoppers continue to swarm in such numbers around Albuquerque that the cloud is registering on the National Weather Service's Doppler radar "extending like a thick blanket over a mile into the atmosphere."

Meanwhile, the lawyer for one of two pre-teen girls who were arrested for trying to murder their friend in order to summon an Internet meme, thinks his client may need a mental health evaluation,

Jonah Hill is really, really sorry for calling a photographer a "faggot,"

yesterday was "Robocop Day" in Detroit,

and a Japanese "alternative scientist" claims that yelling insults at rice will make it rot faster.

Have a great day!