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V.24 No.32 | 8/6/2015
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Idiot Box

Now What, News?

“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Comedy Central

Now that “The Daily Show” is ending on Comedy Central, where will we go for our fake news?
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The Daily Word 12.16.10: Afghanistan, DADT, WikiLeaks, Bill Richardon, Meat, Winona Ryder

The Daily Word

It’s raining, it’s snowing. The old man is … growing?

A decade of the U.S. in Afghanistan and conditions have never been worse.

The Senate has enough votes to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

WikiLeaks dude released on bail as the U.S. scrambles to build a conspiracy case against him.

Year-end lists! The top “Daily Show” segments and “fashion moments” of 2010.

Richardson arrives in Pyongyang, pulls the plug on a N.M. wild horse haven.

The FDA finally tells us how much antibiotic is sprinkled into our meat. (This week’s Miss Diagnosis health column is on antibiotics, while we’re on the subject.)

New York Times online will revert back to a pay-site model sometime next month.

2011's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees include Neil Diamond, but not Mike Diamond.

Winona Ryder emerges from her protective cocoon.

V.19 No.44 | 11/4/2010
Sanity- and/or fear-mongering
Maren Tarro

News Feature

Rally to Restore Comedy

WASHINGTON—Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, like many before them, called on Americans to gather in D.C. for an afternoon of calling for sanity, fear and reason.

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V.19 No.27 |


Olivia Munn: Too Hot for TV, Says Jezebel

Feminist blog Jezebel is under fire for a post about Olivia Munn, the new contributor to "The Daily Show." The blog blasted Munn, host of "Attack of the Show," for being hired for the wrong reasons and "The Daily Show" for being sexist and excluding women. Slate magazine reporter Emily Gould responded with her article "Outrage World," which, in turn, called Jezebel blogger Irin Carmon's criticism "petty jealousy." Gould also accused the reporter of using quotes from off-the record conversations with women who had been denied jobs or fired from "The Daily Show." Carmon used Munn's former appearances in Maxim and Playboy, and a clip of her eating suggestive-looking food on her show as evidence that she had been hired more for her sex appeal than brain cells.
This claim may be a stretch--Munn did host "Attack of the Show" for four years, after all. But a more knowledgeable critique came from Samantha Bee, the "Most Senior Correspondent" on the "The Daily Show." In contrast to the complaints of the women who were fired from the show, Bee praised it as a great enviornment for working mothers and stated that her gender has not held her back on the show. In Jezebel's scrutiny of the perhaps bitter women who were fired, the blog did not spend enough time on Bee, the woman who had the most experience behind the scenes.

V.18 No.33 | 8/13/2009
War Hawk Cliff May on “The Daily Show”

Neo-Cons Like Going on "The Daily Show"

They know he's a staunch-progressive, they know his audience is rooting for them to fall on their face and they know he's a worthy opponent, but neo-cons like being interviewed by Jon Stewart just the same.

New York Magazine has an article about why hardline Republicans enjoy getting face time on "The Daily Show." Stewart lets them answer his questions. He doesn't cut them off and start berating them like left-leaning pundits. Even conservative TV hosts don't seem to care what their right-wing guests are saying. They just want to feel justification for espousing their own views.

Stewart is different. He wants to talk about big issues, and engage in a genuine back-and-forth. Admittedly, that discussion is often interrupted by loud applause from Stewart's audience, but the host tries his best to keep them quiet while the grownups are talking.