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The Daily Word in Occupy Wall Street, Mitt Romney on free trade, Val Kilmer selling out

The Daily Word

Occupy Wall Street marches onward as protesters maintain hold of Lower Manhattan park.

Wall Street protests planned for Santa Fe and Taos.

Marathon runner takes a bus to the finish line.

Breaking news: Lindsay Lohan gets fired from community service program.

Mitt Romney writes for the Washington Post about free trade in China.

The Lead/Coal project has pissed people off. How about the Copper project?

Brewers step up and beat Cards to knot NLCS.

Crash in Colorado kills deputy and five kids.

Italian prime minister ekes out confidence vote.

35 Maryland Bloods charged in kidnapping and murder case. Oh, indeed.

Val Kilmer sells most of his ranch to an oil magnate. First there was The Island of Dr. Moreau, now this.

How eating disorders play into the health care wars.

Don't get lost in a corn maze.

John Bear went to see Lynyrd Skynyrd. And ZZ Top.

V.19 No.43 | 10/28/2010


Found on Santa Fe Craigslist: Val Kilmer’s ranch (price reduced)

Even Madmartigan is sweating the economy. Val Kilmer’s real estate agent is listing the actor’s nearly 6,000-acre Pecos River property—including a 11,573-foot ranch compound with 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms—on Craigslist. They’re asking $23,000,000. That’s a $10 million dollar price reduction since it went on the market last year.

Virgin growths of pinon & juniper cover the hillsides. The Ranch owns both sides of approx 2 miles of the famed Pecos River which flows through canyons lined w/towering rock walls & ponderosa pines,with phenomenal fishing. The SF National Forest abuts the Ranch's N. boundary & wildlife as diverse as bear down to ring tails, beaver & possums roam the property while eagle, peregrine falcon & ducks enjoy the clear sky.

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The Daily Word 6.23.10: Val Kilmer Has Got Some Explaining To Do, Just Say 'No' to i-Dosing, Lion Burgers

The Daily Word

Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad pleaded guilty, warns of more attacks.

General McChrystal may or may not be fired soon.

Who are you trying to impress Chicago? 54 people shot over the weekend.

Jerky neighbor Val Kilmer is getting a chance to set the record straight.

In the future all our executions will be tweeted.

@nickbrownage says this video is "definitely worth 2:31 of my time"

The oldest know images of Christ's apostles uncovered in Rome.

This goddamn hamburger has two grilled cheese sandwiches for buns.

Pray that your stupid kids aren't i-dosing.

Quick! Watch this mashup of Toy Story and The Wire before someone files a takedown notice.

Five DIY alternatives to running the air conditioner.

That nurse in the iconic V-J Day Kiss photo has died at age 91.

The Blues Brothers came out 30 years ago this week.

Ten things to know before you buy that condo.

Remember the Runaway Bride? She's broke.

Are you outraged about this Arizona restaurant's new lion burgers?

I'll take two of whatever these guys are selling.

Are we ignoring the alien beacons?

Now that I have an Xbox 360, I'm excited about these weird promotional Burger King games.

What did you eat on Bruce Campbell's birthday?

"The driver made a poor choice to pull into a gas station with the limo on fire”

The largest home in America is on sale for $75,000000. It still needs interior walls, carpet and tile.

Sad news for nerds, after 40 years The Dr. Demento Show is off the air.

Why are all my old wrestling heroes dead?

V.19 No.5 | 2/4/2010

The Best News Story About Val Kilmer Ever

Kilmer explains to NM Congressman about the sheer kickassness that is 50 Cent

You probably know by now from our amazing live coverage, but the New Mexico legislature is in session. That can only mean one thing: Val Kilmer’s done shined up his good bolo tie and is pressing flesh to get things done. Part of his agenda, apparently, includes explaining to Rep. Luciano Varela (D-Santa Fe) why the rapper 50 Cent is so great.

I found this on Best Week Ever, and they got the video from ThisIs50. Thanks, Val, for keeping our state at the forefront of most awesomest news!

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The Daily Word 12.31.09: New Year's Eve, Val Kilmer's Birthday

The Daily Word

It's the last Daily Word of the Aughts! This was my favorite part of the 'OOs.

Australia parties down ... under that is.

Rapid Ride buses will run until 2 a.m. Jan. 1.

Your New Year's resolution will fail.

Will the Kindle replace the book in 2010?

Evangelist preacher asks for ONE MILLION DOLLARS for his church in 48 hours.

AT&T says "See Ya" to Tiger Woods.

Van Morrison says hackers are to blame for claims that the 64 year old was a new dad.

Puerto Rico holds off on plans for a monkey-breeding facility.

It's Val Kilmer's birthday!

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The Daily Word 07.30.09: Shame, Naps and Val Kilmer

The Daily Word

Mourners of martyred Neda detained by Iranian police.

Eight-year-old Arizonan girl who was sexually assaulted is now being shunned by her family out of shame.

Where did the money from the Baby Angel fund go?

Michael Jackson's mom gets custody of kids.

Organic food isn't healthier for you, study says.

Baby taken from slain mother's womb found alive.

El Paso woman stoned to death in Juarez.

Val Kilmer owes over half a million bucks in taxes.

One in three U.S. adults naps. I am napping now.

Top 100 Beach Books. Or for New Mexicans, books to read while sitting next to the swamp cooler naked.