Veterans Day

Veterans Day

V.24 No.45 | 11/05/2015

The Daily Word in Republicans, bad sex, and space death

The Daily Word

Last night's GOP debate is calm and mature... Relatively.

The people at BuzzFeed share with us their lousy sex experience.

Albuquerque honors its veterans- with free stuff!

Yet another “Beauty Through the Decades” video, but this one takes the romantic filter off of the past to show what women were really doing.

A planet far far away causes scientists to rethink the way they see planetary orbit.

Ancient English tree rejects gender binary.

Space is terrifying. Death is around every corner, and these astronauts have faced it head on.

Here's a page thats full of people gushing about Fallout 4. If that interests you.


The Daily Word in Jeb! would kill baby Hitler, a slow speed car race at Albuquerque's Lantern Fest and where ice cream comes from

RIP Allen Tousaint

The Daily Word

There could be major changes to the bail system in New Mexico, from eliminating bail for non-violent crimes, to doing away with the informal parody between bail amounts and specific charges.

A transgender student in Cibola County will be allowed to use the restroom of her choosing after changes were made to the school district's code.

Caitlyn Jenner was in Albuquerque.

Here's a list of Veterans Day events around New Mexico, here is a list of holiday closures.

To get around a permit problem, Albuquerque's Lantern Fest will be holding a "slow speed race" all day at Sandia Speedway.

Yes, given the opportunity, Jeb Bush would kill baby Hitler.

You already knew Unicorns poop ice cream, but have you heard of the Squatty Potty?

Billy Idol has a long-term gig in Vegas.

Campbell's Soup has changed its chicken noodle soup recipe.

Continuing their efforts to prove Quentin Tarantino wrong, members of the Los Angeles Police Department gunned down a man in the middle of a street.

Musician Allen Tousaint has died.

V.19 No.46 | 11/18/2010


The Daily Word 11.11.10: R.I.P. Dino De Laurentiis, Gov. Martinez, Bernie Madoff’s boxers

The Daily Word

Today is Veterans Day, and veterans make up 20 percent of our homeless population.

Brain-damaged troops are often re-deployed.

Help homeless female veterans tonight at Andaluz.

A Pentagon study concludes that there’s little risk in ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Six more medical marijuana producers approved by the Department of Health.

Martinez says she’ll fire political appointees shifting into civil service jobs.

And she’ll sell the state’s jet, even if she has to do it at a loss. (Also, Heather Wilson is heading up her transition team.)

APS won’t ask students about their immigration status.

Bed bugs back in Burque.

Peggy of Maryland becomes king of a village in Ghana.

Marilyn Monroe’s stuffing recipe.

Dino De Laurentiis died. R.I.P., scary little film producer.

L.A.’s Hollywood eating club. Horse tacos come up.

Be a part of history. Buy Bernie Madoff’s boxers Saturday.

V.19 No.45 | 11/11/2010
The color guard of American Veterans for Equal Rights marched in Albuquerque’s Veterans Day Parade for the first time in 2009.
Courtesy of Steve Loomis

Feature: Schedule

Veterans Day Events

Thursday, November 11

• “Repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and Healing the Damages”

Panel with Col. Victor Fehrenbach, Lt. Col. Steve Loomis, Major Patricia Baillie and Petty Officer 3rd Class Joseph Rocha. Held at UNM School of Law (1117 Stanford NE), Room 2401. 7 p.m.

•  Albuquerque Veterans Day Parade and Ceremony

Parade from Bullhead Park, then music by the NMARNG 44th Army Band, fallen warrior tribute and speakers at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial (1100 Louisiana SE). Park-and-ride available; call 311 for details. 9:15 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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V.18 No.46 | 11/12/2009
Karen Goins

Gay Veterans March in Local Parade for the First Time

Steve Loomis had a good day today.

He was apprehensive that his group, the Bataan Chapter of the American Veterans for Equal Rights, might hear adverse comments as they marched alongside other military members in the parade today. But not one stray insult flew from the crowd as Loomis and a dozen other gay New Mexico veterans made the trek from the Veterans Hospital down Gibson to the Veterans Memorial on Louisiana.

“People applauded as we went by and saluted our flag. We were wonderfully pleased and proud to be there,” Loomis says.

The Bataan Chapter of AVER got a color guard together this year. First in line was the stars and stripes. Next up, the state flag. Then, the chapter flag, a white background with a rainbow stripe running diagonally across it adorned by five stars representing each military branch. And finally, the rainbow pride flag. “All flags had gold trim,” he says, laughing. “Just like in the gay community, everything has to be colorful.”

The most common reaction to the local chapter of AVER is one of astonishment, Loomis says. The group is a member of the Albuquerque United Veterans Council, the organization that puts on Veterans Day and Memorial Day events. “The response is most often one of surprise, and then, Oh, well, we’re glad you’re here,” he says. “That was a lot of what we had today.”

The Military Readiness Enhancement Act seeks to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The bill was introduced to Congress in the spring, and local AVER members began working with New Mexico’s delegation to support the measure. Along with that effort, the group decided to increase its visibility—hence, first-time participation in Albuquerque’s Veterans Day parade.

“One of the purposes of our organization is to represent gay veterans. But also, part of the reason we’re so active in trying to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is that active-duty soldiers, sailors and marines can’t speak openly about it without risking their careers. It falls even more on us as veterans to fight the good fight,” Loomis says.

And he is familiar with that good fight. Once his sexuality was discovered in 1997, he was discharged from the Army five days before his eligibility for retirement. He went to Federal Court and won his case. Loomis, who served in Vietnam, retired as a decorated Army lieutenant colonel.

“Since Veterans Day recognizes all veterans, we wanted to make sure it recognized gay veterans also,” he says.