abq rapid transit

V.29 No.10 | 3/5/2020
ART at stop
Eric Williams Photography

On Assignment

After ART

On the road to rapid transit in Albuquerque

How has the ART project in its current incarnation (up and running with various successes and challenges) affected business up and down its route along Central Avenue?
V.28 No.46 | 11/14/2019


ART Begins Its Run

The city has finally brought the ART project together, and it's celebrating with free rides from Nov. 30 until Dec. 31.
V.28 No.26 | 6/27/2019
The new Albuquerque Rapid Transit bus graphics
courtesy of the City of Albuquerque

Art Magnified

The Art of ART

Reflecting Burqueño spirit on the bus

This month, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller released renderings of the new ART buses with this statement: “These buses will also have a new distinctively New Mexico look; something to better reflect our Burqueño spirit.”
V.28 No.7 | 2/14/2019
Albuquerque, New Mexico
City of Albuquerque

County Matters

Never Known Questions

City residents look toward solutions

ART buses ordered; LEAD aims to replace incarceration with services and treatment; sick leave legislation introduced to City Council; governor appoints new UNM regents.
V.27 No.51 | 12/20/2018
A BYD Electric Bus
Courtesy HDR

News Feature

I Sing the Bus Electric

Implementation, technology and ART

Possible flaws in the electric bus breakup process are examined.
V.27 No.31 | 8/2/2018
ART in operation
Courtesy HDR

News Sidebar

ART is Good

Urbanist advocate speaks his mind

David Dabney of Griffith and Associates explains why he supports ART.
V.27 No.30 | 7/26/2018
How ART was imagined
Courtesy D/P/S

News Commentary

The Road That ART Built

A primer on the history and culture of ART

Weekly Alibi took a drive along the proposed designated 9-mile ART route. What we saw is a hodge-podge of varying degrees of blight, some businesses doing well, other businesses struggling—with bursts of new hopeful future development and construction here and there.
BYD Corporate Headquarters
via byd.com

News Sidebar

Building Dreams!

BYD and the future

Getting involved with BYD means committing to a lifelong commercial relationship with a global economic giant.
The ART station at Nob Hill, July 2018
Corey Yazzie

News Feature

La Gente and El ART

But what do the people think, oh wise ones?

Weekly Alibi hit the streets of Burque to find out how the people of Albuquerque are handling the ART news coming out of city hall.
V.27 No.29 | 7/19/2018
Mayor Tim Keller and COO Lawrence Rael
August March


A Timely ART Update

Notes from Monday’s press conference … and then some

Mayor Keller announces that FTA is providing at least some ART funding. Transit Director Toon reminds drivers to avoid colliding with the buses. COO Lawrence Rael announces additional charging stations so the buses don't run dry. And some day you will be able to ride ART too!
V.25 No.46 | 11/17/2016


UNM Campus Vandalized

Acts of vandalism at UNM, potentially free bus rides and local protests against the orange one.
V.25 No.45 | 11/10/2016

Council Watch

We’re Dancing in the Show!

Council gambols through civic issues

City Council denied A.R.T. funding contingency plan, updates a law against making threats against public spaces and gives funding to ProView.