Album Reviews

album reviews

V.29 No.36 | 9/3/2020
Renewal of the Supreme Being & Liberate

Sonic Reducer

Highborne Renewal of the Supreme Being · Travesuras Liberate

We review albums by Highborne and Travesuras.
V.29 No.31 | 7/30/2020
SDWTD and Jurmainson Geographic III: Insect Proclist
We review new releases by Slow Dance with the Dead and Jurmainson.
V.29 No.29 | 7/16/2020
Live on Chapter House Radio 66.6 AM RADIO
We review releases by George Yazzie and The Kevistry.
V.29 No.27 | 7/2/2020
Overdue and Corpse Pose
We review new albums by XX/XO and Baltogucci.
V.29 No.26 | 6/25/2020

Sonic Reducer

Red Mesa The Path to the Deathless · August James Obsessed

We review albums by Red Mesa and August James.
V.29 No.12 | 3/19/2020

Sonic Reducer

Star Canyon Quarry · McKernin Edna Heart Attack · Gemiini Modern Day Cowboy

We review albums by Star Canyon, McKernin Edna and Gemiini.
V.29 No.11 | 3/12/2020
We review albums by Full Speed Veronica and In Blue, as well as a local hip hop compilation.
V.29 No.10 | 3/5/2020

Sonic Reducer

NeverDrive Devotion to the Deepest · Forefront Facades · The Explorers 4: Magnolia

We review albums by NeverDrive, Forefront and A.Eye.
V.29 No.9 | 2/27/2020

Sonic Reducer

Sol De La Noche Al Natural · Braided Limb A Rush of Feathers · Gayelor Daugell Great To Meet You

We review albums by Sol De La Noche, Braided Limb and Gayelor Daugell.
V.29 No.8 | 2/20/2020
We review new albums by clara, Roger Cook and Vinesines.
V.29 No.5 | 1/30/2020

Sonic Reducer

Crystal Whip nineteen · Mercury Renegades Letters from the Brink · Illuminati Congo InnerSpace

We review new albums by Illuminati Congo, Crystal Whip and Mercury Renegades.
V.29 No.4 | 1/23/2020
We review new albums by WURM, Here, Now and Abstract Lion.
V.29 No.3 | 1/16/2020
We review albums by Terrible Tumors, Mineral Hill and it was the wires.
V.29 No.2 | 1/9/2020
We review releases by Dymer, Katarak Attack and John King Cave.