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V.19 No.45 | 11/11/2010
Duke City Music

Song Roulette

Obscure tracks from Derek Caterwaul

Derek Caterwaul is a promoter of local DIY music and arts events, as well as a DJ—most notably he’s a long-time host on KUNM’s “Music to Soothe the Savage Beast” on Tuesday nights. Appropriately, his contribution of random tracks may be the most obscure this column has seen since its inception a year ago.

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V.19 No.19 |


Then Eats Cake

For the Crazy Boys Crazy Girls night I organized at the Kosmos, my buddies in experimental act Then Eats Them pulled out all of the stops. You may know these guys from the constantly evolving Yoda's House. Their set began with a commentary on capitalism, starring a mystery man in a penguin costume, progressed into a cake eating party and ended with an extravagant sacrifice by singing saw, with pounding drums, steady drones and interludes with accordion and mandolin. The boys portrayed three roles; the priest, the sun and the lamb and their set was equal parts theatrics, music and shenanigans. It was impressive in all three aspects. They will be playing around in June as Yoda's House. I can't tell you what they might do next, but I can encourage you to be there. It's always an adventure.

V.19 No.9 | 3/4/2010
Peace, Loving

Extraterrestrial Experimental

Albuquerque is being visited by the best kind of aliens—experimental musicians. Headlining tonight’s show at 1kind Studios is Peace, Loving of Boston, MA. Three members of an innovative music/art collective and record label Whitehaus are coming through with handheld tape recorders full of cricket song, homemade instruments and poetry and creative and playful antics.

Hora Flora, or Raub Roy, is a sound scientist, touring out of San Francisco. Videos show his sets as whimsical performances that couple sound and visuals for a holistic artistic experience.

The locals will be the Jeebies, who’ve made a few appearances at 1kind of late. The last time I saw them, they started the set wearing giant foam heads to appear like silly monsters and ended playing bass, creating a low and melodic tapestry of sound. They’re known to vary their routine, however-in the past they have used the missed connections as lyrics and put on puppet shows.

iNK oN pAPER is a drum, bass, electronic duo from the High Mayhem emerging arts studio in Santa Fe. You may know them from the High Mayhem performance space or the band The Late Severa Wires.

I really can't tell you what to expect from this evening but be prepared for auditory abduction.

V.19 No.8 | 2/25/2010
Hail Seizures

Sunday Seizures

Sunday may usually be for winding down and behaving yourself, but today I encourage you to go to a punk rock show! Hail Seizures is on tour and stopping at the Heaven and Hell show house at 400 Wellesley SE. Hail Seizures, from Olympia, Wash., is acoustic folk/punk, lo-fi, high energy. The lineup includes guitar, toy piano, cello and violin.

Also playing is Jake Trujillo from Santa Fe, who is seldom ventures out of his cave. If you see him, you will not forget it. He doesn’t sound much like anyone else, with influences as varied as the Pixies and Frank Sinatra. Butt Lumps is also of New Mexico, she plays banjo and guitar with a lot of heart. I haven’t seen her but she seems well worth a shot.

Due to recent troubles with the police, the residents of Heaven and Hell ask that there be no drugs or alcohol at the show, and if possible it is best if show-goers park on Garfield. Still, it’s good music, with good people, in a good place. So be there.