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The Daily Word 02.11.10: Islam, Kids, Aphrodisiacs

The Daily Word

Iran celebrates 31st anniversary of Islamic Revolution; protests, not so much.

Is the Albuquerque Journal contributing to "deficit hysteria"?

Alec Baldwin taken to hospital. Is OK; just a misunderstanding. Joke, joke, Liz Lemon.

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen dies from apparent suicide.

Is your kid bipolar? Turns out, maybe not.

Soldier dad arrested for waterboarding 4-year-old daughter for failure to recite alphabet.

This lady, who is famous in Britain for reasons unknown, made her 2-year-old daughter look like a hoo-ore. Ex-husband unhappy. And the daughter's name is Princess.

Stuttering could be genetic.

'Tis the season for aphrodisiacs. Note: The scent of cherries decreases women's arousal levels. Use that how you will.

This crazy Gallup drunk driver repeatedly backed into a police SUV during a chase. Caught! On tape!

A guy gets Dubai court to annul marriage after seeing his cross-eyed, bearded beauty without her niqab, or Islamic veil. If he'd ever seen Looney Tunes, he wouldn't have found himself in that mess. Classic Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd.

It's Jennifer Aniston's birthday!