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The Daily Word in the sale of Lovelace Health Plan, a tree-climbing anti-choice nut visits Albuquerque and what Lemmy Kilmister has in common with Dick Cheney

The Daily Word

Rives Miller Grogan, Pastor and anti-choice whack-job, visited Albuquerque yesterday.

Someone found an image of Jesus on a landscaping rock.

One of the original New Mexico same-sex marriage suit plaintiffs died.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield bought Lovelace Health Plan.

The Supreme Court of The United States let stand an Oklahoma Supreme Court decision that struck down a law requiring women seeking abortions to view a detailed ultrasound.

Conditions in parts of the Philippines hit by Typhoon Haiyan are declining rapidly.

Imprisoned Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova is on her way to a new prison in Siberia.

Frozen dirt walls will contain the contaminated areas around Fukishima.

An invisible bike helmet!

Pink Fairy Armadillos.

This guy got a perfectly preserved cold war era fallout shelter with his newly purchased home.

Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister got a pacemaker.

V.20 No.5 |
John Bear


I finally saw an armadillo that was not dead

One day in Texas

I was driving in a remote and beautiful stretch of the Texas panhandle one day when I saw a pile of what was once a raccoon. No big deal. There is a ton of road kill on this portion of nowhere in between Memphis, Texas and Hollis, Okla.

But there was a gray thing standing by the raccoon and I knew at once it was an armadillo. I had never seen one, not alive, always dead like the poor coon. This one might have been dead as well. A raccoon and armadillo might have murdered each other, and there mortal combat locked in time would make a good photo opportunity.

In either case it seemed like a u-turn was totally worth it.

The armadillo was not dead and was feasting enthusiastically. It was shoulder deep inside what remained of the raccoon. It didn't stop for me, not until I was within 10 feet of the beast. It was ancient, primordial. It stopped eating, took a step back and eyed me but did not run off. I shot some more photos but left before the thing ran into the street--and the horrible fate that befell the coon.