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V.27 No.29 | 7/19/2018
Sorry to Bother You

Film Review

Sorry To Bother You

Upward mobility gets weird in off-kilter comedy

Sorry to Bother You is not the work of a practiced, disciplined filmmaker. It’s the work of a manic, committed, wildly creative first-timer.
V.27 No.16 | 4/19/2018
"Ice cream? ... My treat."

Film Review

Final Portrait

Artistic biopic revels in surface details

Final Portrait is a microcosmic chamber drama, an old-fashioned two-hander in which two characters meet, interact and part company. It rarely dips below the surface, but—like a great many works of art—it’s a fascinating surface, nonetheless.
V.27 No.2 | 1/11/2018
Call Me By Your Name

Film Review

Call Me By Your Name

Languid romance withers under the Tuscan sun

Stripped of its postcard beauty and its academic pretensions, Call Me By Your Name is little more than a soapy, overlong melodrama.
V.26 No.25 | 6/22/2017
Cars 3

Film Review

Cars 3

Sentimental and scenic, trilogy-ending sports flick cruises to the finish line

Cars 3 is no ironclad Pixar classic but it is a well made film that delivers more or less the same sentimental moral as the original and Larry the Cable Guy is hardly in this one at all.
V.22 No.27 | 7/4/2013
“Train robbers? Where?”

Film Review

The Lone Ranger

How the West was lost

The Pirates of the Caribbean crew reunites to show us how the West was lost in The Lone Ranger