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V.20 No.51 |


The Daily Word in robots, French boob jobs and magic eye

The Daily Word

Congress approves payroll tax cut.

The 50 Internet memes of 2011.

Weather closes most N.M. highways.

APD hired officer with an "excessive force" past, according to lawsuit.

Your kids are ungrateful for a reason.

Gay robot opposes Bachmann.

Speaking of robots, Devin invokes the "Uncanny Valley" hypothesis in this week's film review of Tintin. Here are some examples of creepy faux humans.

Hypnotic folk dance indeed.

The hideous actors behind the hideous masks.

Medical magical mushrooms in the realm of enchantment.

And Internet magic eye!

X-ray xmas tree!

Happy Hanukkah! Save a little money on the electric bill, why don’t you?

Space ball falls from sky in Namibia.

Perhaps that’s why everyone is mysteriously nodding off in Africa?

Kim Jong Il is mourned to death.

France recommends that 30,000 women have their breast implants removed.

Mmmm .. Italian Red Meat Flavor.

Occupy. Now what?

Pollacks continue to do everything backward by using drone planes to spy on police at protests.

Five ways to eat baby Jesus.

A very Terry Gilliam Christmas.

V.19 No.51 | 12/23/2010


The Daily Word 12.21.10: come back baby Jesus, free the Christmas sweater club, jobless yoga

The Daily Word

An annual Yuletide tradition, the baby Jesus has once again been stolen from its manger.

Being unemployed isn’t all bad; these Ohio residents get a free yoga benefit.

The terrorists are coming ... to attack your hotel and restaurant fare.

This Virginia high school punishes its Christmas Sweater Club for spreading holiday cheer.

On a much lighter note, Christmas is the deadliest day of the year, according to studies.

Chinese online retailer Taobao is selling products made from cat and dog skin.

Deputies had to battle four live monkeys during a meth lab raid in Tennessee.

A double fatal shooting happened on Fourth Street north of Alameda.

Western Colorado is about to be shellacked by up to eight feet of snow.