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ABQ Bands Show Off at the Local Band Showcase

The City of Albuquerque's Special Events team is looking for metro-based bands that would like to show off their talent in downtown Albuquerque in a Spring kick off event. The Local Band Showcase is a great opportunity for bands to appear before a crowd, build momentum and energize their fan base.

On Friday, April 1 from noon-7:30pm, Civic Plaza will rock with the sounds of 15 local bands performing a variety of musical genres. The event is free and a great opportunity to bring the whole family for an afternoon of music, food from local trucks, and local beer and wine.

Local venue and concert promoters will be in attendance to check out the show. Bands can meet entertainment bookers from the BioPark, Summerfests, Convention Center, Old Town and some Santa Fe venues.

Now is the time to sign up your band if you want to be included! Complete the online application at Bands will be selected based on their submitted music, as well as their genre, to ensure a good mix for the event, not on a first come first served basis. A Local Band Showcase performance does not guarantee an opportunity to perform at a City event or venue.

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Introduction to Venues, ABQ 505

A primer on concert geography

Wherein we break down the science of discovering the best music venues in Albuquerque.
V.23 No.3 | 1/16/2014

Book Review

The Van Life

Tour Sucks

Sometimes, DIY tour across the country is a total disaster. But it sure makes for some entertaining reading.
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Friday, July 9th: Constant Harmony, Ambryzette, Meye3rdcent and Music Hates You

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A Mosh Pit Went Down in the Jemez Saturday (6/19/10)

...thanks to SuperGiant! (As a part of 'Los Ojos Presents Rock in the Canyon.')

See the full length video here.

More videos and photos will be posted soon down in the " Wish You Were There" section.

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Hear Local Music Sunday Nights at 9:30 on 104.1 The Edge

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Epic Metal Show June 11th at the Compound

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Gates of Slumber, Black Maria and Sandia Man: Monday, June 7th

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Tenderizor Tonight

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Tonight: Archeology, Cherry Tempo and Trilobite


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Scooped: Le Chat Lunatique Makes It Into SXSW 2010

With some lobbying from the Alibi, but mostly just superhuman amounts of their own talent and hard work, organizers of the South By Southwest music festival tell us that Le Chat Lunatique made it into the official showcase in Austin. The music portion of the festival runs March 17-21 this year. Get the festival lowdown at

Le Chat Lunat-Links

• Read an account of LCL’S recent antics during Revolutions International Theatre Festival.

• Read an interview with the band.

• Find out about guitarist John Sandlin’s New Mexico Django Fest, the state’s only jazz manouche (gypsy jazz) festival.

• Here’s the review of the band’s latest album, Under the Covers, Vol. 1.

• The album before that, Demonic Lovely, made our Best of 2008 list ...

• ... and the band made your Best of Burque 2008 list, tying for Best Local Band Overall. It got Best Jazz Act the year before.

• Finally, listen in as Alibi readers gush about LCL on our Letters page: here (scroll to the bottom) and here.

Congrats, you crazy cats!

V.19 No.4 | 1/28/2010

The Fascinating History of Vertigo Venus, plus the Albuquerque Music Scene, featuring Ken Cornell, Burt’s Tiki Lounge, Launchpad, Alchemical Burn, Unnatural Element, Cobra//Group, Ya Ya Boom, The Hollis Wake, Creepshow ...

... The Dirty Novels, The Foxx, The Gracchi, RAM, Brian Botkiller, Noiseseer, Manias, Abbaddon, Echoes of the Fallen, Victamas, Word Salad, Logical Nonsense, Veil Of Miscreation, Steve Eiland, Beefcake In Chains, Gordy Anderson, Black Maria, Jerry’s Kids, The Generics ...

I had totally forgotten about this. A few years ago, a music journalist from Detroit (my ancestral homeland) rolled into town. His name was Ryan Bartek, and he was staying with Chris and Jeffy MacCannon from Vertigo Venus, also from Detroit, while working on this giant book about underground music in the U.S. It was going to be his Great American Novel, in every sense.

Bartek had an enormous appreciation for Chris and Jeffy’s band in Michigan, enough to convince him that there must be something good happening in Albuquerque if this is where they ended up. So this is where he came. It was just another stop on his yearlong U.S. tour. Only Bartek wasn’t playing music; he was documenting the little communities that musicians fabricate—the places where underground music comes from. And the only way to do that is pure legwork, and osmosis, talking to musicians and going to shows from one end of the country to another. I wasn’t sure he’d see it all the way through.

Well, now. Here it is. The Big Shiny Prison (History of a Year 12.20.06-10.13.07). He spent quality time in the Duke City, where he was able to ferret out some great sources. Jeff and Chris are priceless, and it’s actually well worth your time to know more about where they’ve come from and what they do. Your band might be mentioned in there. One of mine is. He also talked to the excellent lads of Chestnut Productions, who interviewed me for their documentary Glocal Scene—similar in conceit to Bartek’s book, but filmed on a global scale. You might be in there, too. (Find it here: And since Bartek is giving his book away for free as a PDF, you can do searches for the passages about Albuquerque.

Yep. He put his book out as public domain. “File sharing is approved and encouraged by its author, Ryan Bartek,” he says in the forward. “Having spent a Herculean effort on this project, his only wish is that it be circulated. “

And it turns out, Albuquerque stacks up pretty well. After traveling all over the U.S., he concludes in the epilogue that “the best relocation spot in the Southwest is a definite toss-up between Austin (TX)/Albuquerque (NM).” And “the greatest punk hangouts are the unholy trinity of Burt’s Tiki Lounge (ABQ), The Funhouse (Seattle), and the [now defunct] 2500 Club (Detroit).” That’s a superlative superlative.

So there you go: Download The Big Shiny Prison for free.

V.18 No.43 | 10/22/2009

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Flyer on the Wall

Nougat, Caramel, Orange Cream

For their birthdays, James and Mark get a Whitman’s sampler of psychedelic trails (Canyonlands, Arc Light), Brit-pop hooks (The Hollow Lines), electro beats (The Gatherers) and garage punk distortion (The Scrams). Basement Films ties them up with a big, graphic bow on Saturday, Oct. 24, at Burt’s Tiki Lounge (21+, free). (Laura Marrich)

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