V.23 No.33 | 8/14/2014


Introduction to Venues, ABQ 505

A primer on concert geography

Wherein we break down the science of discovering the best music venues in Albuquerque.
V.22 No.29 | 7/18/2013
Jeremy Shattuck


Prepaid Party

ArtBar stimulates thirst for arts endeavors

Artists famously drink to stimulate inspiration. However, at ArtBar, the money artists spend goes into the community and perhaps back into their own pockets as well.

ArtBar, an arm of Catalyst Club Inc., is a members-only performance space and bar created to support local art. They accomplish this by donating their annual net profits to various art-based nonprofits around New Mexico. (See previous Alibi coverage here.) It’s a unique idea that came to fruition last week when ArtBar opened its doors on July 11 to its founding members.

The venue was spacious, accentuated by high ceilings and sizeable windows that skirted much of the building. A large chandelier hung near the stage, refracting light onto excited art lovers, sponsors, organizers and artistes alike. The alluring aroma of Lobster Mac n Cheese drifted from a small kitchen operated by The Supper Truck. Large black comfy couches provided space to sip Bulleit Bourbon and people watch: skinny jeans-wearing hipsters, artsy girls in bright summer dresses, suited professionals and sandal-wearing vacation types. A well-stocked bar, despite its small beer selection, quenched the thirst of members as they danced to Carlos the Tall, a local cover band.

Though the opening night party went off without a hitch, ArtBar is still finding its footing in terms of target audience. The decor felt a little sterile, aside from a cool red light along the bar and a few paintings. It was suggested to me that the lack of original music and art on display represented a missed opportunity to get the local art community involved. Striking a balance between a youthful, beer-drinking, artistic crowd and an older and likely wealthier one will be essential to ArtBar’s survival. Hopefully, further artist involvement will become an integral part of this balance as they continue to grow.

With membership at $30 per year, ArtBar is an easy way to give back to the art community. A membership can be purchased at the door or from their website. I mean really, where else can you practice philanthropy by simply drinking a delicious beverage?

V.21 No.26 | 6/28/2012


Pride Guide

Two months of Pride-related events
V.21 No.10 | 3/8/2012
Eric Williams


Drinking in Bernalillo

Does that idea depress you? If you’re at Silva’s Saloon—the nearly century-old Bernalillo bar that’s passed through three generations of one family—you could wind up as happy as a lubricated clam. This week’s feature sifts through layers of the beloved dive bar’s history, patrons and tchotchkes. Oh, and did we mention the place is for sale—lock, stock and barrel?

Eric Williams


Hi Ho Silvas

A historic saloon keeps Bernalillo’s spirits up, even as the Silva family rides off into the sunset

Silva’s Saloon is the subject of town lore. More than a few Bernalillo old timers believe it has an underground tunnel that was used to transport illegal booze. (It doesn't.) That proprietor Felix Silva Sr. kept nine loaded guns stashed throughout the building, just in case. (True.) That a CIA agent used the pay phone to call in to headquarters. (Also true.)

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V.20 No.47 | 11/24/2011
Mina Yamashita

Mina's Dish

Side Dishing

Booze, huevos, pizza and miso


Mina takes a bite out of Allure, Matteo’s, Pizzeria Luca and Umami Sushi and Asian.
V.20 No.33 | 8/18/2011

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Americana Pie

Entertainment genre demographics

On average, what kind of nightlife do Albuquerque, Santa Fe and surrounding areas have to offer? Based on a sample taken from this week’s Music Calendar, a lot of DJs. People playing prerecorded music of various forms, formats and qualities is nearly twice as common as the next highest ranking genre—jazz. Rock, Americana (which includes folk, singer-songwriter, and bluegrass) and karaoke rounded out the top five. For proportional illustration, view the makeup of the Alibi’s Music Calendar in this appetizing pie chart.

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V.20 No.19 | 5/12/2011
Julia Minamata

Have Fork, Will Travel

7 Dive Bar Wonders

Our “7 Wonders”-themed Summer Guide feature would be remiss without a tour of New Mexico’s most infamous watering holes. While you’re out exploring this enchanting state of ours, remember to spend a few hours planted on a well-worn barstool. You’re bound to learn a story or two and pick up a little local color—not to mention the potential friends (or enemies) you’ll acquire along the way. Bottoms up!

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V.20 No.14 | 4/7/2011

Best of Burque 2011

The High Life

Best Bar Staff

Burque’s favorite vices—drinkin’, smokin’, and bumpin’ and grindin’.
V.18 No.46 |

Hey Bartenders ...

Squeezethegoddamnlimeintomydrink! Or, kindly set it on the rim of the drinking vessel—have some class, dude. Making people fish fruit out of icy five dollar liquid is not cool.

Bars shouldn't just be conduits of booze—pride should be taken in the creation of drinks. Might our city's lackadaisical bartenders take a hint from Tales of the Cocktail. This conference, held every summer in New Orleans, celebrates the grand tradition of coquetiers, pronounced koh-kuh-TYAYS. July being far off, another, less humid option is The Craft of the Cocktail, a book that claims to make master bartenders out of its readers.

Anyway, squeeze the lime, OK?

V.18 No.35 | 8/27/2009

The Afterlife of Albuquerque Bars and Restaurants: Part II

Hallelujah! My Sisyphusian task of sorting through the Alibi's ancient calendar contact records is completed. As promised, here's the second half of the extinct places I shook loose from our database, and what's become of them since. (The first half is here. ... And I knocked it down from 989 records to 650 on the nose, in unlikely event you were wondering.)


Rio Grande Yacht Club --> ?

Rio Grande Cantina --> St. Clair Winery & Bistro

Café Broadway --> Several places, all gone now

Café Voila --> ?

Town House Lounge --> Still empty

Café Next Door (it was next door to Brothers and Sisters) --> Still empty

Copeland’s Restaurant --> Still empty

Johnny Carino's --> 1st location (next to Sweet Tomatoes) empty, second (Century Rio lot) is Nick + Jimmy's (from Yanni's)

Gin Mill --> looks like a "discount steakhouse" has opened there

Café Riviera --> several galleries/cafes, all closed now

La Siringitu --> Wimpy Burger --> Little Red Hamburger Hut

Mr. K’s Chinese Restaurant (formerly New Chinatown) --> empty

Blue Corn Tap Room --> Chama River Tap Room

Jamaica Jamaica --> New "bistro" of some sort

Graze (and Kanome before that) --> Nob Hill Bar and Grill

Relaxations --> A boxing gym?

Mediterranean Café --> Quesada's

Alfredo's Coffeehouse --> empty

Marty G.’s Diner --> I think this later became that Hot Diggity Dog place over on North Second, which is also long-gone


Blu (the back half of Pulse, totally 80s) --> empty

Empire ( + G-Spot Lounge) --> half of O'Neill's

Albuquerque Mining Company --> empty

The Phoenix --> ?

District Bar & Grill --> empty

Swig (Santa Fe) --> uh, Fusion Restaurant & Night Club? No idea.

Gulp --> Nob Hill Bar and Grill

Harlow's on the Hill (which was Club Rhythm & Blues before that) --> Obama for President HQ, now empty

Ground Zero --> ?

Bear Assets Bar --> I just talked to Joe Anderson about this place. He mentioned he's working on a new venue there. Gutting the place. Installing live American roots music like blues, Rockabilly. That part of town could really use a good neighborhood joint at night.

Nuts and Bolts --> ?

Art, Performance

Laffs Comedy Club --> empty

Out ch’Yonda --> empty?

Hiland Theater --> giant meth lab

Gorilla Tango Comedy Theatre --> Village Roaster Coffee

Donkey Gallery --> empty. (and Larry Bob moved to Cruces)

Sol Arts --> Cirq

Windchime Champagne Gallery --> Empty

VERB Collective --> See "Cafe Riviera"

STOVE --> Black Market Goods

The Agency --> looks like someone's doing something in there. Anyone got any leads?


Red or Green? --> more tattoos?

Alphaville Video --> Heart + Soul salon

The Cigar Lounge --> empty

Hunab Hookah Lounge --> See VERB Collective, Cafe Riviera

V.18 No.34 | 8/20/2009
Blue Dragon: night

The Afterlife of Albuquerque Bars and Restaurants

989. That’s how many FileMaker records need to be sifted through in order to clean up our tired old calendars database. Each record represents a venue—a bar, a gallery, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a theater—where something was or is listed in our paper. This is going to take a while.

Of course, many of these places are gone now. That’s why I’m going through all those records, to weed out the expired ones. I’ve only gone through the first 100 so far. Here’s a preliminary list of Albuquerque bar/restaurant type places that used to be but are no more, and what’s become of those addresses since.

Sisters’ and Brothers’ Bookstore was right next door to Insomnia Coffeehouse --> both are still empty

Blue Dragon --> still empty

IryshMac’s Coffeehouse --> Rasoi Indian Cuisine

Pearl’s Dive --> Blackbird Buvette

Golden West Saloon --> ash and rubble

Chelsea Street Pub & Grill --> eaten by Coronado

O’Niell’s Uptown --> Uptown Sports Bar

Le Café Miche --> still empty, right?

Midnight Rodeo/Gotham--> still empty

Rio Grande Big Dog’s Grill --> still empty, right?

Martini Grille --> Cosmo

Raw, Liquid Lounge --> Sauce, Proof

The Walls --> Farina Pizza

Our Place II --> paparazzi nightclub

Joker's Pub --> Wileys

Pulse --> still empty

La Posada de Albuquerque --> still empty

OPM --> Lotus

Sonny’s Bar and Grille --> still empty

La Piazza --> Fremonts Fine Foods

Famous Sam’s --> still empty

Brian O’Brien’s --> still empty, fire damage

Albuquerque Petroleum Club --> still empty

Assets Grille --> Independence Grill

Stella Blue --> La Provence

La Cuisine French Bistro --> 100 other restaurants that also closed

New Chinatown Restaurant --> still empty

The Paramount, Santa Fe --> a big dirt pit

V.18 No.30 | 7/23/2009

News Bite

You Don't Have to Go Home—But You Can Stay Here

Mayor Martin Chavez wants two things, he says. "I want everyone to be safe. And I want everyone to make a lot of money."

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