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V.24 No.53 | 12/31/2015


The Daily Word in Isis, Motorhead and Trump v. Jeb Bus

The Daily Word

U.S. coalition has taken out 10 Isis leaders.

Suicide bombing in Northern Pakistan has left many injured and killed.

The world says goodbye to Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Donald Trump. *Shifts eyes to Jeb Bush*

My only goal is to be as brave and badass as this local Albuquerque girl.

Dear Olive Garden, I can use $400 to buy endless amounts of alcohol for New Years Eve and probably 10 more New Years Eve parties that I’ll never remember instead of using it on one night I’ll never remember.

Sometimes the internet can be a great place. Check out this video of a Kendrick Lamar and Mario Kart mashup!

V.21 No.43 | 10/25/2012


Rowdy’s Dream Blog #270: “Someone, like me, is going to want to kill you someday.”

(This dream was dated 5/3/2002.) I am in a theater before a show. I sit by a guy who flashes a black BB pistol and then another silver one. He fiddles with it and points it at me. It goes off and a BB whizzes through my hair. I disarm him and tell him he can get his guns from the ticket counter after the show. I press my forehead hard against his and I tell him someone, like me, is going to want to kill him someday.

V.19 No.3 | 1/21/2010


The Daily Word. Top News Stories for 02.15.10: BB Guns, Assassin Bug, the Knack.

The Daily Word

Doug Fieger of the Knack dies at 57.

The world may not be warming.

A giant rabbit channels the spirit of a ghoul.

Kevin Smith is too fat for Southwest Airlines. Notice how they don’t tell you who Kevin Smith is until the last sentence.

“IM GAY” vanity license plate denied in OK.

Porcupines suck.

Utah considers making 12th Grade optional.

Google changes Buzz.

The assassin bug eats spiders.

Trains collide in Belgium.

Read about the Rio Rancho BB Gun Shooting Spree.

Manuel Leo is wanted in connection with a burglary and should be considered dangerous.

A Tax and Revenue Dept. employee is in trouble.

You can finally bring your concealed handgun into Hooters.

It’s Chris Farley’s birthday. Here he is picking up chicks at the mall.