beer pong

V.25 No.14 | 04/07/2016


The Daily Word in Alcoholocaust, Area 51 and APD

The Daily Word

APD responds to noise complaint then plays football with neighbor kids.

Kids, you don't need a theme to your beer pong games, especially not this Nazis vs Jews theme—very tired.

Are you more of a legs fish or an assfish?

What better day to discuss drugs than on 4/20, cool job UN.

When a joke goes too far and now you have a cat working for you. It's happened to all of us, right?

Clinton's campaign chairman really wants the juicy deets on all alien information the government is concealing. The truth is out there.

Jump Around no more, Mr. Trump.

V.21 No.12 | 3/22/2012

video games

Webgame Wednesday: Space Pong Universe

Space Pong Universe is a nifty and challenging combination of beer pong and a carnival shooting game. Instead of bouncing balls into cups, you've got to ricochet them into an array of planets, moons and other celestial bodies scrolling by. The art style has a funky, paper cut-out look to it and gives the game a unique feel. Get your balls bounding and work those angles!