Bernalillo County Commission

bernalillo county commission

V.24 No.10 | 3/5/2015
Amelia Olson


The Women of Tent City

Our reporter speaks with the women who lived in a recently disbanded homeless encampment.
V.24 No.8 | 2/19/2015
“Camp Faith”
Ty Bannerman


Letter from Tent City

The camps may move, but the problem of homelessness remains

The battle over an enclave of homeless people goes back and forth, but the root problems remain the same.
V.23 No.38 | 9/18/2014
Cinema 5 Distributing

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: Sept. 18, 2014

From APD undercover to democratic litigation, test your knowledge of last week’s New Mexico news with the Alibi pop quiz.
V.21 No.50 | 12/13/2012


The Daily Word in strange naps, strange eyes, strange sexual taboos

The Daily Word

Gunman opened fire Tuesday afternoon in a busy shopping mall near Portland, killing 2 and injuring one before turning the gun on himself.

Drunk man found napping inside a clothing store on Central tased twice by Albuquerque police.

Who was snubbed in the 2013 Golden Globe nominations?

Geminid meter shower to be at it’s peak tonight. The best viewing time for New Mexico will be between 9:00 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. Too bad it’s supposed to be cloudy and snowy.

Those darn distracted pedestrians.

Was an English monk in North America 150 years before Columbus?

Super macro photos of the human eye are creepy and cool.

Awwww, baby animals!

Truly fascinating facts about chameleons.

Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit like terrified children sitting on Santa’s lap.

Bernalillo County Commission plans to spend $900,000 in attempt to stop contraband from making it into the Metro Detention Center.

Technician with a home-alarm company charged with burglary.

PBS presents: Concussion watch.

Big Brother is watching ... always watching.

Strange sexual taboos across the world include the idea that "... engaging in sexual relations out of doors will lead to the failure of the crops."

What’s going on with Syria?

Thanks to Nick Brown and Margaret Wright for the links!

V.21 No.45 |
The Rat Queen and a Snowflake in Keshet's Nutcracker on the Rocks


Help Keshet Dance Company get their new home

County Commission meeting today: 4:45 to 7:30pm Vincent E. Griego Chambers at City Hall

Keshet Dance Company is an award-winning, Albuquerque based non-profit whose mission goes beyond simply being a stellar dance company, which it certainly is. Since Shira Greenberg founded it in 1996, Keshet has been a place where dancers with special needs and physical challenges can learn, rehearse, and perform as equals among a diverse group of kids and adults that make up the Keshet community. Inviting homeless children and juveniles wrapped up in the legal system to participate in and create dance pieces has made a difference in countless people's lives. Keshet has outgrown it's current home and is raising money for a new one.

Keshet's quest for new digs has become a saga of biblical proportions, but they're very close to making it happen. Bernalillo County Commissioners will decide tonight whether or not to grant a $150,000 funding request towards the dance company's new home.

Come down and show the Commissioners that Keshet has broad community support. Show up at 4:30 to sign in if you want to speak in front of the Commission. City Hall is at 400 Marquette NW in Downtown Albuquerque, just west Civic Plaza.

V.21 No.36 |


The Daily Word in (teacher and air) strikes, debates and calming propaganda

The Daily Word

Teachers are striking in Chicago.

"A significant accomplishment for the Obama administration and a sign of how far the markets have come."

Peace mission to Syria struggles in the midst of raging conflict.

Yemeni military says their forces have killed the second-highest ranking leader of Al Qaeda.

Romney's shifting health care reform rhetoric.

Gov. Martinez is soon to appoint a new person to the Bernalillo County Commission.

Congressional District 1 candidates Janice Arnold-Jones and Michelle Lujan Grisham held their first debate yesterday.

Chamomile Tea Party propaganda.

A case for atomic-based environmentalism.

Rooftop tigers.

Red wine might be better for you if there weren't alcohol in it. Ugh.

Such a douchebag.