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V.25 No.39 | 09/29/2016

Event Horizon

Don't Be a Wimp

Friday, Oct 7: Quarantine: The Curse

The Forrester Home for Girls is dedicated and is about to re-open in honor of the founder. However, something evil resides in the walls and it needs blood. Voted "Best Live Performance" by the
V.24 No.35 | 08/27/2015


Best of Burque Restaurants Voting Time!

Choose your favorite Restaurants

Friends, readers, eaters all; Once again, the time has come to make your appetites public! No, not the sex survey, that's not till February. I mean the Best of Burque Reader's Choice Restaurant Poll!

This is your chance to reward your favorite eateries with one of Albuquerque's most coveted awards. Love the burritos at a certain mom-and-pop café? Or the french fries at from an incredible food truck? Got a secret location for getting the best steak in town? Give 'em a vote. And encourage your friends to do the same.

Enough chat. Start the survey!

V.24 No.18 | 04/30/2015


The Daily Word in list porn and dressing like a spider

The Daily Word

The good folks of D.A.R.E. got duped by anti-pot satire. And they can't even use the "too stoned" excuse.

The Dodgers Stadium kiss cam zoomed in on a gay, male couple. They kissed, and the crowd cheered.

Here's a list of 10 female producers you should know about in 2015.

Albuquerque's Mary & Tito's Cafe was ranked in the Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in the US.

Jim Morrison super-fans want the Northeast Heights home that Morrison lived in for two years to be designated a historical site.

Albuquerque's placement on a "best cities for car drivers" list prompts hell to freeze over.

Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht's Spider 2.0 dress "uses biosignals and learned threat detection to defend the wearer’s personal space." How rad is that?!

V.20 No.39 |


Fantastic Fest Final

The annual Fantastic Fest film festival is tool place in Austin this week. It’s the largest genre-based film festival in the United States. We sent special correspondent Brennan Foster to hunt down the weirdest films, the coolest parties and the biggest star sightings he could find. Here's his final wrap-up.

The end is here. I look forward to my return. I much prefer Albuquerque’s weather and local breweries. But I’ll keep many good memories of FF2011. Where else can I sit in a theater with friends and genre fans from around the world, order a beer and pizza and enjoy watching an uncircumcised penis undergo a vasectomy procedure?

Nowhere else. I promise.

This morning, I caught a screening of Morgan Spurlock's genial documentary, Comic-Con Episode 4: A Fan's Hope. Initially, I took the title to be a geek joke, but it actually speaks to the varied dreams that its subjects want to see realized. Spurlock profiles a soldier who travels cross-country to submit his portfolio; a collector eager to score a 19-inch Galactus figurine; even a young man who proposes to his girlfriend at a Kevin Smith Q&A. While there are no surprises or fresh insights, the film zips through its multiple plotlines with a clear inclination that each story, come closing day, will have its happy ending.

The final day of Fantastic Fest also trends toward happiness--after blazingly hot weather, cool winds and rain clouds appeared.

After watching dozens of blood-soaked films, my final selection was a perfectly light meringue: the adorable Audience Award recipient, A Boy and his Samurai, about a time-traveling warrior transplanted from Edo to Tokyo who lays down his sword and takes up pastry making.

And after the festival's final reel, the Superhero Carnival erupted: I saw an awesome Dr. Strange in attendance, Flash, Aquaman, Duffman, Tacoman and Cookie Monster. There was even a very aerodynamically outfitted Batman. The party was fueled by free Shiner beer, tequila shots, deep-fried, cornflake-crusted bacon strips, fried butter and something that made my mood (and cholesterol) soar higher still: the nacho cheese fountain.

My good friend Mary marveled: “You’ve just taken me to the world’s biggest sausage fest, served with a side of bacon. “

A quick review:

Outstanding films from this year are Clown and Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, an epic crime film that contains elements of Goodfellas, All The President's Men and "The Wire."

Must-sees: Bullhead, A Boy and his Samurai, A Lonely Place to Die, Headhunters and Kill Me Please.

Recommended: Borderline, Let the Bullets Fly, Boys on the Run, Milocrorze: A Love Story, You Said What? Knuckle, Rabies and The Yellow Sea. Now get out there and find 'em.

Thanks for reading!

V.18 No.41 | 10/8/2009
Best Tofu:   Fei’s Health Café
Lindsay Holmes


No Bones About It

Best Tofu

While there are still some out there who have yet to be converted to Team Tofu, there are plenty of us who have, and we know a perfectly done piece of tofu is a magical thing. At Fei’s, everything is vegan, so tofu isn’t the poor stepsister of meat dishes; it’s frikkin’ Cinderella. (EAH)

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Best New Mexican Restaurant:   Sadie’s
Eric Williams


State Treasures

Best New Mexican Restaurant

If massive portions, killer Margaritas and a bustling atmosphere are the criteria for best New Mexican restuarant in Albuquerque, Sadie's is as down-home Land of Enchantment as you can get. Plus, there’s the salsa. Oh, the salsa. Don't be a tourist—get the hot variety. (MD)

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Best Restaurant to Loosen Your Top Button:   Tucanos
Eric Williams



Best Restaurant to Loosen Your Top Button

Folks, it's an all-you-can eat Brazilian meat restaurant. If you're not loosening your top button, you're doing it wrong. In fact, loosen your fly a little bit, too, and wave another one of those skewer-wielding waiters over your way. There may be another meat there you haven't consumed. (DOL)

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Best French Pastries:   La Quiche Parisienne Bistro
Sergio Salvador


The Sweet Stuff

Best Desserts

Dessert? Um, yes, please. We'll have the éclair. No, wait, warm raspberry-peach pie à la mode. No. A slice of the fruit tart. Actually, make that bread pudding. Wait—we've got it! Tiramisu. ... Or how about we just get all of the above? You don't need us to tell you Flying Star is the best place for desserts; you already know. (CC)

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Best Restaurant in Albuquerque:   Yanni’s Mediterranean Grill and Opa Bar
Sergio Salvador


Best of the Rest

Best Place to Take Out-of-Town Guests

It's the atmosphere at El Pinto that will really charm your visitors. If they love the food as much as the lovely restaurant—open since 1962—they can take the perfect salsa, roasted green chile and red chile sauce back home with them in jars. (MD)

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Best Greek:   Olympia Café
Sergio Salvador


Around the World

Best Greek

Great prices and lunch specials, spitfire service, and some of the best potatoes in town make Olympia Café your top pick for Grecian delights. Olympia started dishing up piping-hot homestyle fare in 1972, and it’s been a University-area favorite ever since. (MD)

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