best of burque 2012

V.21 No.14 | 4/5/2012

Best of Burque 2012

It took tens of thousands of votes from our readers to determine the things that reign supreme in Burque. Read about why you adore Lynette, what nightlife spots take top honors and why Mayor Berry is both the most loved and hated politico in the Duke City.
Katherine Workinger

Best of Burque 2012

Life in Burque

Best Burqueño

Burqueños elect the best (and worst) in politics, media, social life, athletics, education, charity and more.
Ben Adams

Best of Burque 2012

Arts & Lit

Best Theater Performance

Outstanding art, literature and performance as selected by the discerning eyes of the Alibi reader.

Best of Burque 2012

The High Life

Best Bar Staff

Burque’s favorite vices—drinkin’, smokin’, and bumpin’ and grindin’.
Nikki Zabicki

Best of Burque 2012


Best Bookstore

The stuff that Albuquerque loves to buy.
Mark Beyer

Best of Burque 2012

Local Flavor

Growers’ market, grocery stores and wine shops. (We save restaurants for our giant Best of Burque Restaurants issue every fall).
Leslie “Deft” Gonzales

Best of Burque 2012


Best Hotel

Hotels, massages, dry cleaners and more.

Best of Burque 2012

Best Anything We Forgot

We forgot to put ’em on the ballot—you told us not to do it again next year.

BOB: Community Pick

The Cast of “Breaking Bad”

Anna Gunn, Giancarlo Esposito, Aaron Paul, Steven Michael Quezada

BOB: Community Pick

Andrew Connors

Curator of Art, Albuquerque Museum

BOB: Community Pick

Isaac Benton

City Councilor, Albuquerque District 3

BOB: Community Pick

Jennifer Buntz

President, Duke City Wheelmen Foundation

BOB: Community Pick

Dede Feldman

State Senator, Albuquerque District 13

BOB: Community Pick

Yvonne Sanchez

Head Coach, UNM Women's Basketball