best of burque 2018

V.27 No.17 | 4/26/2018
Best of Burque

Best of Burque 2018

Our readers flaunt their faves

Here are Alibi’s 2018 Best of Burque winners in a wide variety of areas—from Night Life to Arts to Services to Cannabis. Our editorial staff has jumped in as well, spilling details on each “Best Of” winner. And if you don’t agree with what your fellow Alibi readers chose, be sure and vote for your favorites next year!
Life in Burque

Best of Burque 2018

Life in Burque

Best City Politician to Get a Pat on the Back

All the bests for residents: politics, money, media, romance and others.
Burque’s Finest Moustache Wax

Best of Burque 2018


Best Book Store

The most economically stimulating bests of Albuquerque's merchant class, including book stores, games, clothing, flowers, guns and more.

Best of Burque 2018


Best Performing Arts Group

The Best in theatre, visual arts and words both spoken and written.

Best of Burque 2018


Best Place to Take Kids

Best place to take your kids, best museum and best toy store.

Best of Burque 2018


Best Auto Dealership

The Best of Burque's highly trained professionals and fabulous establishments, including auto dealers, IT, spas, credit unions, hospitals and many others.

Best of Burque 2018


Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Best medical cannabis dispensary and CBD shop; best strain and edible.
beer mug

Best of Burque 2018

Night Life

Best Casino

Best bars of various kinds, casinos and hookah lounges.

Best of Burque 2018


Best Place to Board Your Pet

Best place to board your pet; best non-profit, rescuers, clinics and supplies.
V.26 No.52 | 12/28/2017

Best of Burque Ballot

Best of Burque 2018 Voting Closes at Midnight Tonight

The original Albuquerque reader’s poll ends March 13!

Drumroll, please! Best of Burque, the original Albuquerque reader’s poll, enters its latest incarnation on Valentine’s Day, 2018. Voting runs Feb. 14 through March 13, a four-week period during which, for the first time, you can cast your votes once each week. So if you want to express love for your Best of Burque faves on a weekly basis to give the objects of your affection an edge in the results, your wish has been granted!

If you have any questions or comments about the ballot, drop us a line!

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