best of burque music 2018

V.27 No.16 | 4/19/2018

Best of Burque Music 2018

Best of Burque Music 2018 Winners

A big thanks to Showcase participants and attendees

Winners and nominees—23 of them— rocked over a thousand attendees at five venues on March 24, 2018. It was a blast and we’ll see you at next year’s shindig. Here for posterity (and your browsing pleasure) are the winners and runners-up.

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V.27 No.12 | 3/22/2018
Best of Burque Music Showcase

Best of Burque Music 2018

Don’t cry and remember to vote: it’s a lark!

This year’s Best of Burque Music reader’s poll reflects the portion of the population that voted. If you still don’t like the results after some studied listening, then August March has the same general advice he does about not liking any election outcomes: Vote!
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The Despots
courtesy of Reverb Nation

Best of Burque Music 2018

Best of the Best

Players and bands in this town are known for their prowess and musicality, even far from our town’s ostensible borders. This year our readers contributed to that historical conversation.
Tylor Brandon Band
Matt Timmons

Best of Burque Music 2018

Around Town

Around Town is the category about socially functional aspects of music in El Burque.

Best of Burque Music 2018

Best Recording

When it comes down to it, making records forms the core efforts of many an artist or ensemble engaged in the music business.
Kyle Martin
courtesy of the artist

Best of Burque Music 2018

Individual Performers

Whether ripping out massive riffs on the guitar, writing epic symphonies or vocalizing all angelic or demonic, this town has a profoundly rich community in tune with that thing called chops. Here’s a list of folks our readers say hold the key to that interactive process.
courtesy of the artist

Best of Burque Music 2018

Ensembles and Artists

It’s fun to break things up in a convenient format that not only shows unity of purpose but diversity of execution.
Prism Bitch
Courtesy of the artist

Best of Burque Music 2018 Editor's Choice

BOBM Editor’s Choice 2018

Listening to Radio Free August March

Given the cray but verifiable directionality of this year’s Best of Burque Music Reader’s poll, August March found his agency and authority of Music Editor was an important addition to the dialogue that commences with the announcement of winners.
V.26 No.52 | 12/28/2017

Best of Burque Ballot

Best of Burque Music 2018 Ends March 6

The time is nigh

The people have spoken. The nominations are in for the best local bands, players, albums, venues, engineers and labels of the past year. The second round for all the marbles runs Feb. 21 through Mar. 6. This year you can cast your votes once each week (that’s up to three times if you check your calendar carefully). And the cherry atop the BOBM sundae is a fantastic live showcase of nominees on Mar. 24. This thing was a blast last year, so let’s do it again!

If you have any questions or comments about the ballot, drop us a line!

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