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V.25 No.8 | 2/25/2016

Technology and Its Discontents

King of Demons 95

Back in 1995 the launch of what was possibly the pinnacle of beige-PC lameness was occurring in parallel with the development of one of the most visually demented video games on the face of the earth. Which just goes to prove the maxim that computers can imprison us or they can set us free.
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The Daily Word in Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Rob Ford and a leadership change at Microsoft

The Daily Word

And on the 44th day, it snowed.

Is it legal to drink O'Doul's while driving? Probably. Should you? Maybe not.

Albuquerque is no longer one of the top ten cities for film making.

The Southwest Chief may cease running through Northern New Mexico.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin overdose.

There is now a book about Rob Ford.

Bill Gates is no longer head of Microsoft.

Crazy in-bad-taste two minute long lawyer commercial that ran in parts of Georgia during Superbowl.

Some former members of Mao's Red Guard are apologizing for their actions.

Miyazaki Salt.

Ocular manifestation of electrical burn.

V.19 No.12 | 3/25/2010
The Daily Word


The Daily Word 3.23.10: Bill Gates, Cosmic Rays, Dismembered Giraffe

Obama to sign the massive health care bill today passed late Sunday by the House.

Meanwhile, a poll indicates that a majority of Americans disapprove of Obama for the first time.

The Rotarix vaccine, given to 30 million children worldwide, is found to be contaminated with pig virus (not to be confused with swine flu).

Bill Gates wants a nuclear reactor to call his very own.

Indian military to make the world’s most potent weapon ... from chili?

Jerry Springer to host a new dating game show. Like “Love Connection,” but with missing teeth and heroin runs.

Cosmic rays are suspected as being the reason for Toyota’s acceleration recalls.

The Virgin Galactic spaceship takes flight for the very first time.

The city is investigating a dismembered giraffe in a trash bin at the Rio Grande Zoo.

The killer of Stefania Gray and Hector Torres is indicted on 17 charges.

Doug Vaughan, after declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy for his company Vaughan Realty, is staying at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas.

A cyclist is killed after being struck by an out of control car on Coors and Paseo.

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The Daily Word 01.29.20: Howard Zinn, Tiller's Killer, Good Economy News

The Daily Word

Albuquerque police officer is a suspect in his wife's death.

A sales tax hike inches forward in the House.

Did an angry mob surround APD officers? Or did the officers just get bent out of shape?

Howard Zinn, the historian and activist who wrote A People's History of the United States, died yesterday.

The man who killed the abortion doctor has been convicted.

Lobos focus on MWC, not NCAA. And it's not because they suck.

Bill Gates pledges $10 billion for vaccines.

The economy "roared ahead" in the fourth quarter of 2009, growing at its fastest rate in six years. (Whoa. Good economy news? Yes, please.)

Pee Wee Herman got an iPad.

Professional women drink more than lower-paid women.

People skeptical of homeopathy plan to swallow whole bottles of pills.

Bachelor confused by love.