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V.21 No.40 |


The Daily Word in broken deals, peaceful ideology, eavesdropping and dressing up for the show

The Daily Word

Don't drift away.

Hospital waste ended up in a local landfill.

One of three jailed Pussy Rioters gets released.

A plan to merge two European companies into one aerospace giant has broken down.

Policy that gives immunity to telecom companies helping the government with warrantless surveillance won't be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

Bitty dino ankle biter.

Proposed California law could land a blow to GMOs.

"We have an ideology that advocates peace. The Taliban cannot stop all independent voices through the force of bullets."

Mail-order drugs.

Yum, Coco Crisp.

Yummm, donuts.

Does your kid's breath stink? Look up their nose.


Philip Glass goes '80s acid clubbing. (This might make the right side of your face twitch.)

"But what if there are no gods? or, suppose them to have no care of human beings."

"projet COMMUNAUTé": highly recommended. (Other series may be NSFW.)

V.19 No.30 |

Video Games

What Did You Play This Weekend?


When in the course of human events some nameless country in Africa (and maybe the world!) suffers an evil viral pandemic, and motorcycle riding, crossbow/axe/machete/exploding arrow/even dynamite wielding zombie hordes and their grotesque, giant worm-monster buddies take over, my friend Jerry and I will stand ready. We've been preparing for this day in the ludicrously over-the-top Resident Evil 5, and I can now say, we've got your back ... so long as the dead zombies drop green herbs and ammo, that is.

We were the opposite of badass at first. In the early hours we were clumsy to a fault, continually getting in each other's way, or worse, getting separated. We kept poaching the wrong ammo, wasting health, and were repeatedly straight up murdered by the horde. Eventually, though, we figured out how to mostly stay together, and stopped dying as much. We built up surpluses of ammunition, shared where it made sense, started collecting more loot, and began to cooperate more out of habit than any kind of conscious effort. Further on, we stuck together only when it mattered, and otherwise scoured each area with an efficiency that was a bit of a surprise. We brought actual strategy into play to replace the panic. In short, it's gotten very fun. I don't get a chance to play coop games as much as I would like, and when it works, the enjoyment of playing goes beyond what I usually get from single-player games. And the required AI partner for RE5's single-player mode is a bit brain dead, so coop really is the only way to go with this. Jerry and I are both pretty busy, so it's up in the air as to whether we'll meet up enough to ultimately save world in-game, but if the dead start rising fer realz, be sure to give us a call.

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