Birth Certificate

birth certificate

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The Daily Word: Tornadoes, tortillas, opera, Oprah, royal wedding

The Daily Word

Tornadoes rip through the south killing 200 people.

Instead of allowing a Gay-Straight Alliance to form, the Clovis School Board banned clubs.

Albuquerque Tortilla Company sold to Mission (!!!). ATC owners to move into barbecue.

Home prices as opera.

Is a Megadrought on its way?

Helicopter smash at Kirtland.

Bed bugs in Burque.

Gathering of Nations events kickoff around the city tonight.

Prince Charles breakdancing.

Americans don't like princesses as much as they used to.

Some brits don't care about the wedding.

Oprah talks to Obama about his birth certificate.

Ancient medicines recovered from a shipwreck. (That sounds like a spam.)

Protest art of SB 1070.

V.20 No.17 | 4/28/2011


Obama: End the “silliness” about my birth certificate

Eventually, there comes a time when distractions must be put aside, President Obama stated in a press conference to release his birth certificate earlier today. He was prompted to make the move by the media, he added, because it had ignored important issues in favor of focussing on his citizenship. Now, his long-form birth certificate is online for the whole world to see. So the question is settled, right? Apparently, not yet.

Phil Berg, the attorney who filed one of the first 'birther' lawsuits, says the certificate is not a resolution since Obama renounced his citizenship in Indonesia. Orly Taitz, the "queen of birthers," has said if the birth certificate is authentic, this question about Obama's eligibility to be president will have to be laid to rest.

Still, this birth certificate release is merely a step in the right direction, she says. Taitz questions whether the president qualifies as a natural-born citizen because his father was a British subject when Obama was born.

Further responses are expected to come out of the woodwork, with forgery allegations on one side and "the White House should not have stooped to that level" on the other.

Before the certificate was released online, only 38 percent of Americans were certain Obama was a natural-born citizen. However, only 43 percent were convinced that Republican hopeful Donald Trump was born in the United States.

During his 2008 election campaign, Obama released a computer printout of the information on his birth certificate, which is recognized as an official record of birth for passport applications. As of early March, 10 states were debating putting a 'birther bill' into effect. These laws would require any presidential nominee to certify his or her citizenship before being put on the ballot.

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The Daily Word: Long Form Birth Certificate, Secret Nazi UFOs, Rainbow Poo

The Daily Word

President Obama releases his long form birth certificate, but haters got to hate.

Apple to update iPhones and iPads to fix location tracking.

Dude, it's cold out today.

General Petraeus will be nominated to be the new director of the CIA.

San Francisco may ban circumcisions.

Homeless woman is facing 20 years in prison for sending her child to the wrong school.

Coming soon: Rainbow poo.

Santa Fe deputy caught on camera shoplifting.

Hitler ordered the creation of Nazi UFOs to destroy London and New York.

Entire new order of insects discovered at South African truck stop.

Anti-gay hate crime leads to eight horses killed in a barn fire.

William S. Burroughs (who died in 1997) is on trial for corrupting Turkish morals.

The Sony Playstation Network outage looks much worse than originally thought.

Sweet Chernobyl graffiti.

Budget cuts force SETI to shut down its telescope facility.

A guide to making people feel old.

Will women's clothing ever be standardized?

You can listen to the Beastie Boys new album here.

You have a month to rescue your photos from Friendster.

Unstoppable raft of fire ants is waiting for you.

Things that are overexposed.

The world's most powerful laser is being built in Eastern Europe.

Jon Bon Jovi is opening a pay what you can restaurant in New Jersey.

Marshfield, Massachusetts: the town that banned Pac Man.

Cupcake flavored vodka.

Pittsburgh has a ninja problem.

Be your own souvenir.

This incredibly safe lame chemistry set comes with no chemicals.

14 serial killers who were never captured.

Six of the rarest of rare-earth minerals.

Happy birthday Walter Lantz!!!